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An infrastructure that supports thousands of transactions, multiple payment providers, and various payment-related features.


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Payments that bring you closer to your customers

Establish your store as a #secure and a #preferred shopping destination for all customers with CloudCart’s Core online payment integrations.

Advantages of
CloudCart Payments


SSL is the little padlock symbol next to your URL address. It shows everyone that your online store is safe to use, order from, and make payments through.

Standalone Servers

Each payment passes through standalone servers, which are isolated from all other networking resources. This establishes a secure connection between your store and third-party payment providers.


Our system is based on a microservice infrastructure making it capable of processing over 1500 transactions per second.


CloudCart allows your customers to choose payments that best suit their needs and preferences. Automated location-based payments further streamline your customers’ experience.

Variety of Payment Options

CloudCart provides method integrations available to all merchants. Accommodate every payment need and capture the revenue your store deserves.

Great from the start

Each online store starts with Cash on Delivery and Wire Transfer payments to get your business going. Become profitable quickly and start your operations weeks after registering.

Multiple payment methods at once

Accept payments in real-time through virtual pos terminals of multiple fintech services such as PayPal, MyPOS, Borica WAY4, PaySera and enable payment methods such as Stripe and Braintree.
Your CloudCart store can integrate different types of payment methods at the same time, covering.

Offline payment methods:

Cash on delivery (COD)
Bank wire transfer
Check or money order
Pay at Place

Credit and debit cards

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Digital wallet payment methods


Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery is a powerful tool for every store. Large and small retail merchants benefit from using cash on delivery, so each CloudCart store starts with Cash on Delivery as a payment method.

Capture Payments

CloudCart enables merchants to capture funds from their customer's bank account automatically. Once a customer orders, the payment is authorized but not captured immediately. The merchant can decide when to capture the funds.

Uses of Capture Payments
  • Capture the payment at a later time
  • Reduce cash on delivery
  • Get funds immediately once an order is shipped
  • Reduces chargeback processing time
  • Boosts customer relations 
  • Additional payment fraud prevention

Buy now, Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay Later is a CloudCart #Extended feature which allows merchants to integrate installment loans as a payment option into their online stores.

Benefits of Point of Sale Loans

Increased Sales

Point of sale loans can make expensive items more affordable and increase the likelihood of customers completing a purchase.

Improved Customer Experience

Offering financing options at checkout can improve the overall customer experience by providing additional flexibility and convenience.

Customer Loyalty

By offering financing options, customers may feel more loyal to the store and more likely to return for future purchases.

Competitive Advantage

Offering financing options can set an online store apart from competitors who do not offer such options.

Higher Average Order Value

Point of sale loans may encourage customers to purchase higher-priced items, increasing the average order value for the online store.

Reduced Cart Abandonment

Providing financing options can reduce the likelihood of customers abandoning their shopping cart due to high prices, making them more likely to complete their purchase.

Local and Global
Payment Solutions

CloudCart is a technological partner with the most-widely used payment providers on both a global and local scale.

Local Payments


Global Payments


Apple Pay, Google
Pay and more

CloudCart is integrated with the most well-known payment methods in the world. Digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal can be integrated into your store with a single click.

Apple Pay for your Store

By activating Stripe you get access to Apple Pay. This is a global digital express checkout feature which is specifically designed for iPhone, Safari and Mac OS users. Apple Pay is used by more than 227 million users globally.

The convenience of Google Pay

All CloudCart stores with an activated Stripe can also enable Google Pay. This payment provider is used by more than 100 million users worldwide making it CloudCart’s second largest global payment method.

Save card details

Depending on the payment provider you can enable “Save cards” and allow your customers to save their payment information. This will allow for a quick and more convenient checkout process next time when they enter your store.

Refunding Option

Refund orders with ease. Each payment method supports the quick-refund option which helps you simplify your payments and orders management. Reduce the effort and time others spend on refunding with CloudCart.

Automated VAT
for the EU

We made what is complicated - simple. Each CloudCart store has a built-in VAT management system distinguishing retail and B2B customers. It applies VAT based on the country and customer type automatically.

Regional VAT

CloudCart’s VAT management system allows you to add or remove specific VATs from your store. Select or exempt certain countries, cities, or regions from VAT or base your exemption on a specific category in your store - it’s all up to your needs.

Real-time VAT

Your CloudCart store has an automated integration with VIES which ensures that the invoice data and VAT number your customer entered will be the correct ones. Say goodbye to costly errors and ensure a seamless checkout experience every time!

Payment Fraud

CloudCart prevents all bot activity from reaching your checkout, regardless of origin - not even Google has access to your payments. We also track IP addresses to ensure that only actual people order from your store.

Location Based
Payment Providers

CloudCart automatically suggests your to customers payment providers based on their country of origin. This works great if you have multiple payment solutions integrated with your store as it will suggest the best ones to your clients.

Infinite possibilities for your business with CloudCart