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CloudCart Core

The Secret Engine Behind Any
Successful eShop

CloudCart Core grants you immediate access to all of the features, tools, and integrations needed to run an online store.

We created a stable and scalable system for all types of businesses - from the smallest to the largest. 

CC Core unifies solutions needed to effortlessly manage & control your online business - from store design and UX management to product merchandizing, a flowing and high-converting check-out page, payments and shipping processes.

Design & Customization

Make your ideas come to life and sell what you love with your store’s instant design engine. Adjusts every visual aspect of your storefront and truly personalize each store page to fit your dream design.

No-code Drag & Drop Page Builder

CloudCart gives you the drag and drop tools to fully build and customize your online store’s look and functionality. Use the intuitive design instruments your store has to create the most optimal and seamless experience for your customers.  Save time and effort on front-end development with our no-code page builder to get yourself up and running faster than your competition.

Mobile First & SEO Optimized Templates

Each CloudCart store comes with a mobile first design which considers your mobile users’ needs and experience. Use the already available SEO Mobile Design Templates we’ve made for you.
Set yourself apart and become the Brand To Be in your niche with CloudCart’s paid and free mobile first & SEO optimized templates.
Get the starter package or buy our Premium Paid Mobile First & SEO optimized templates and shine brighter than other online stores.

Product Management

Add or remove thousands of products in seconds. Get your store in order and automatically synchronize your products’ quantity status. Use CloudCart’s built-in management resources to reduce your store’s operation costs and keep your stocks up-to-date.

Bulk actions

Make changes that take immediate effect. Save time on store management with comprehensive bulk actions like product edits, quantities, variants, availability and product statuses.

Import & Export

Import and Export products and product variants, photos and entire categories from and to your store with a couple of simple actions.


Keep your resellers and partners up to speed automatically. Update your store’s inventory in real time with several Feed applications, including XML Feeds and CSV transfers.

Digital products

Distribute digital products and create exclusive content to increase your brand’s notoriety, Create specific categories of your store and further expand what you offer to the world with an effortless product management system.

API Management

Further reduce the time for store management with Product API’s. Update each detail about your store’s stock without having to manually adjust each detail.

Product Merchandising

Add or remove thousands of products in seconds. Get your store in order and automatically synchronize your products’ quantity status. Use CloudCart’s built-in management resources to reduce your store’s operation costs and keep your stocks up-to-date.
Product attributes

Provide your customers with variants of products they’ve looked at. Clearly showcase the product attributes like color, weight, material and dimensions to provide visitors with a more informed choice.

Filters management

We’ve implemented filters and filtering systems in each CloudCart store so every merchant can bulk-select products based on tags, specific categories, manufacturers, brands and lots more.

Organize products into smart collections

Smart collections are by far one of the most clever and convenient ways to provide a selection of products to your customers. Smart collections can be based on a holiday theme or tagged to a specific customer group. Use this nifty tool to showcase the best of your store in the smartest way possible.

Related products

All successful stores leave customers wanting more. This is why each CloudCart store has the option to knit products together and auto suggest them to customers based on the website sections they are browsing.

Bundle products

You can create product bundles based on product types, product use or brand. Use these bundles in your next email marketing campaign or create a holiday gift basket for a last-minute solution.

Custom sorting

Create your own custom sorting options to quickly and conveniently get the products you want. Use as many tags, options or variants as you’d like and fetch precisely what you are looking for. This feature is very useful for managing stores with large inventories of varied product types.

Smart checkout page

Allow your store to autofill customer information when they are checking out. Reduce resistance and optimize your check-out funnel. Connect to Google Maps or provide auto-suggestions for delivery locations based on your customer’s own Geo location.

Abandoned cart recovery

Set what message and email your store sends to a customer who abandoned their cart and recover the revenue that would otherwise be lost. Increase your profits with a simple step in your Admin Panel.

One-click Localization by Google Maps

Help your customers by saving them the effort of filling out their address. Enable Google Maps Localization in your checkout page so customers can use a single click to fill out their entire delivery details.

Embeddable cart & checkout

You can embed your CloudCart store’s cart or check-out page on an external website like Instagram, Facebook or other. With the embeddable cart and checkout function - you go to where your customers are.


Make buying from your store a social event. Enable ShareYourCart in your CloudCart store to allow users to share each other’s check-out pages and collaborate on purchases. Your customers can make informed decisions and get feedback from their loved ones.

Live shipping rates

Let there be no surprises - provide your visitors upfront information exactly how much their delivery and shipping costs will be. Utilize Geo zoning in your online store to set prices based on distances or connect your store with a courier to automatically calculate the cost of an order.

Minimum order value

Look out for your bottom line. Set a minimum order value to ensure that each order is profitable. Cover your expenses regardless of the distance of the delivery or the payment method your clients choose.

Orders management

Add or Remove Products

You can easily remove or add products from a client’s pending order. CloudCart has made it easy for you to modify pending orders to accommodate your user’s needs. This feature makes actions easy and effortless if customers have changed their mind regarding a specific product. Use Discounts to entice them to add more products after you’ve contacted them.

Take Orders by Phone

Embed your official merchant phone number in your store and take orders by phone. Communicate with your customers directly and facilitate their needs. Get the best possible chance to sell with a 1 on 1 conversation.

Direct Payment Links

Create the most convenient payments available to each customer. Send payment links through emails, messages, viber or even direct messages. Let your customers know that shopping with you is easy.

One-click Order

Remove all distractions from your store’s checkout and create the best possible one-click order process. All your customers have to do to finalize an order, is to leave their email for an automated order confirmation message.

Risk assessment

Quickly assess the risk of each order based on the IP of the user. Your CloudCart online store has built-in security measures to track and check the validity of any user IP address and thus determine if accepting a payment from them is going to be risky.

Anti-fraud Tools

We’ve set up multiple lines of defense against fraudulent transactions, Bot users and spam to ensure the safety of your business. Learning how to use these tools is a must for every entrepreneur. You can do that here.

Add Discount to Order

CloudCart allows you to apply discounts to pending orders. Gift a flat fee or percentage discount to a customer who has already placed an order in your store using the order's management section. This is a very useful tool for creating return customers.

Invoicing Engine

Invoicing can be easy. With your CloudCart online store invoice engine you can automatically generate a PDF document with all the necessary details in accordance with the legal requirements and send it directly to your client’s email.

CloudCart Payments

CloudCart Core supports a wide range of payment methods which perfectly compliment your deliveries and locally relevant customer demands. Choose multiple payment methods to accommodate every user’s needs.

Cash on Delivery

A lot of people prefer to pay for a product they bought online upon delivery. Your CloudCart store comes with Cash on Delivery as a default payment method to get you started on your business growth.

One-click no-code built-in integrations

Integrate and implement whichever payment method best suits your type of business with one simple click. We’ve made it even more convenient for you - there’s no coding required.

Local and Global payment solutions

CloudCart provides a custom payment solution for each and every merchant. Regardless of who you are or who you are selling to, you can always find the perfect payment provider for local and global needs.

Save cards details

Be the convenience your customers are looking for. Save their payment cards in your store and auto-fill their details when they are in the check-out stage of their order. Increase trust through automation and let your actions speak for your brand.

Apple Pay, Google Pay and other

Enjoy the use of the most popular and widely used mobile-friendly payment options in the world. Your CloudCart store can easily integrate Apple Pay, Google Pay and many other fantastic options for the convenience of your visitors. Build trust with customers simply by showcasing that you work with the companies they love and use.

One-click Refunding Option

Refunds could be a pain for any merchant, but that does not mean they have to be a hassle. Enjoy an easy one-click refund in your store so you save both on time and effort. This option provides further trust building with customers.

VAT management

When dealing with international sales, you have to consider the different VAT rates. Luckily your CloudCart store has a built-in VAT module which supports the rates for different countries.

Fraud Prevention Tools

CloudCart actively protects your business from fraudulent transactions, malicious users and bots. We use Kubernetes, System monitoring and Tokens to stop suspicious users and site visitors dead in their tracks. You can actively block users based on their root I.P.

Location Based Payment Providers

Your CloudCart store gives you access to local payment providers which are relevant to the community of your users. Become a true part of your customer’s lives and show them that you are the solution they are looking for.


Handle shipping like a professional. Deal with a large volume of orders at peak times and ensure that your store stays stocked with CloudCart’s core shipping and Fulfillment solutions.

Fixed Shipping Pricing

Crate fixed shipping prices for all orders regardless of distance or city. Make your store a desired shopping destination for every visitor and capture their attention.

Dynamic Shipping Rates

Use Goe-locations to create price ranges for deliveries based on distance. Accurately calculate shipping costs based on changes in customer orders. Include weight, number of products, etc. Create dynamically generated rates and let your customers know exactly what affects the price of their shipment.

Free delivery options

Add a free delivery option to products which you want to promote or use this discount type to entice your customers to participate in a specific campaign. Attach free delivery to bundles or use it to save abandoned shopping carts.

Local pickup options

Local pickup options can be enabled for an easier, more convenient shopping experience for your customers. If you have physical locations, this feature will allow your customers to select which of your physical locations best suits their needs.

Local & Global Shipping Providers

Integrate shipping providers like DHL, Speedy and Econt into your store. Provide your visitors with multiple shipment options and accommodate their delivery preferences. Operate on both a local and global scale effortlessly. This is an essential feature for online stores with customers from multiple countries.

Own delivery fleet

Unify all store inventory operations,including delivery fleet management, straight from your online store’s Admin Panel. Keep all of the delivery data, customer data and fleet information in one easy to reach space.

One-click fulfill order

Fulfilling orders is no longer a chore. Get the best possible order fulfillment tool in eCommerce and issue out orders with a single click. This feature works great both for dropshipping and in-store enterprises.

Print & Send waybills

Each individual order manu has the option for printing and sending the waybill corresponding to said order. Make communicating with your couriers a breeze and automatically send them links to waybills of pending and paid for orders.

Location based courier services

Become even more convenient for your users and impress them with location specific courier services. Use this feature to greatly reduce delivery times and make yourself a part of your customer’s lives.

Tracking Info Notifications

Get automatic notifications sent to your email when product quantities are below a certain value. Keep a precise track of your store’s inventory regardless of any ERP integrations. Get informed about contact requests, order payment statuses, new customer registrations, new subscribers and lots more.

CC Education

We provide knowledge to those who seek to better themselves. Get access to our free comprehensive education center. Learn the basics or get a better understanding of the intricacies that make large and small businesses - truly stand out.

Cloud Hosting and Security

The Core Solution that puts the “Cloud” in “CloudCart”. You get instant access to the free Cloud Hosting regardless of your store’s size. Security, speed and bandwidth are no longer an issue. Grow at scale freely thanks to your online store’s CDN and PCI-DSS level 1 security.

Data Dashboards and Analytics

Get the full scoop on the state of your store. Understand your cash-flow trends, customers, sales reports or product reports and analyze all of the important data relevant for your sustainable growth. With the information your Admin Panel provinces, you can get specific details about Customers, Sales, Product and Payments.

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