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CloudCart provides merchants of all sizes, the necessary tools, connections and integrations to ship orders to all customers - domestic and international.

Advantages of CloudCart Shipping

Price Determined in Real Time

CloudCart offers a shipping costs calculator for all integrated courier companies based on customer’s delivery address.


You can automatically generate  waybills, cancel orders and send tracking information to the customer.

Cash on Delivery

Allow direct cash payments in your store. Your order status will get automatically updated once the service is paid.

Fallback Price

You can set a default price in case the provider cannot process the request. In this way, your customers will be able to always complete their orders.

One-click Fulfill Order

Fulfilling orders in each CloudCart store is done with the press of a single button.

Own Shipping Method

CloudCart allows you to set up your own delivery network and add shipping calculations by setting geo-zones, distances from a point and pricing for deliveries based on postal code for the end address.

Dynamic Shipping Rates

Dynamic shipping rates are directly linked to automated courier calculators which consider the total weight of the order, the distance and many other variables.
By using dynamic shipping rates, you can provide highly accurate estimates for delivery rates directly to customers.

Fixed Shipping Pricing

Fixed shipping rates are helpful for merchants who do not use an automatic courier calculator. They can place a fixed shipping rate to all locations or restrict it to certain geo-zones, geo-polygons or distances.
A merchant can add fixed shipping based on cart total, cart weight or both and ensure that every order covers his courier costs.

Free Delivery Options

Free shipping is a feature with many utilities. Many merchants use it to get their customers to spend more on their order. CloudCart implemented this discount type into every store, to enable merchants to entice their customers and build a relationship with them.

Attach free delivery to a segment of customers, help loyal customers make an expensive purchase or save abandoned carts with free delivery.

Pick up Locally

Allows customers a way to bypass shipping costs and receive their orders quickly and conveniently, while also helping yourself save on shipping expenses.
Automatically generated waybills, cancel shipments, and send information to the customer to track the status of the delivery.

Uses of Local Pickup Options
  • Allows customers to see and pick which physical store has the goods they want
  • Acts as a "Pay at Place" feature
  • Allows goods availability tracking for each store
  • You dispatch orders from the closest location
  • Bundle up products from different stores for a single order

Customers can choose from
different types of pickup

Pickup point
Courier office
Customer address

Integrations with Local & Global Shipping Providers

CloudCart offers integration with courier companies such as Econt, Speedy, DHL, as well as with local shipping providers like ACSCourier for Greece, Fan Courier and Cargus Courier for Romania and more.

Location-based Courier Services

Determine what courier services are available where with the Geo-zoning tool. Add or remove shipment options based on distances or certain regions of a city. Restaurants with their own delivery networks can use their resources more optimally for nearby orders.

Tracking Info Notifications

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