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Migrate your Store

10 days is all it takes. Migrate your online store from any platform, software or service, directly to CloudCart. See how easy it can be here.

Advantages of Migrating to CloudCart

Full eCommerce-as-a-Service experience

You get access to CloudCart’s entire software arsenal, full integrations for banking, custom design, ERP, couriers, logistics, fulfillment + every #Partner service possible.

You keep your integrations

CloudCart’s migration software allows you to retain your existing ERP, inventory, accounting, banking and other integrations even if they don’t support API’s.

You keep your reputation

The 301 redirects and indexed links migration ensures that your website retains and surpasses its current position on the SERP.

No-code page builder

We make it easy for you to set up a website that inspires you + we have an in-house design team, which can help you.

Large app ecosystem

We have more than 140+ active integrations and are technological partners with some of Europe's largest banks, fulfillment centers, courier services, and ERPs.

Meaningful local integrations

CloudCart has partnered with local service providers and government agencies in each country to guarantee every merchant can effortlessly grow and sell their goods cross-border.

eCommerce software made for everyone

Digital entrepreneurs, brick and mortar stores, manufacturers, influencers, artists and musicians.

Migrators you know

Migrations in 2022



Largest migration

1 000 000


Stages of store Migration

This service is done by a special CloudCart department dedicated to migrations from Squarespace, Shopify, WooCommerce, GombaShop and every custom software out there.


What the Service Includes


We take extra care when analyzing each and every migration. This is the key to the smooth process and allows us to deliver the service in 10 days.

Custom code for each store

To facilitate the migration process, our team creates custom scripts that consider every page and product currently live on your old website.

Migration of store data

The parsing process provides us with a roadmap for everything that needs to be moved. We upload all product data, categories and sub-categories, short prices, SKUs, brands, varieties, etc.

Customer database migration

In addition to product data and category architecture, we also migrate your customer database so you can hit the ground running ASAP.

Downloading Google Indexed Links

Google automatically indexes all visible and non robot.txt links on your website. We download and migrate them to your new store location so it becomes visible within 2-3 days of going live.

Migrate on your Own

Want to handle your migration on your own? CloudCart has an open API which will allow you to bring all of your store data and link it with your new domain.

You can also use XML, CSV, API and Google Sheets to retain your existing connection with ERP’s, Inventory systems, etc.

Join the largest growing eCommerce-as-a-Service ecosystem in Europe today.

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