Choose the right plan for your online business


For turnover up to € 100,000

26.25 / month

€ 629.99 every 2 years
(Save € 89.81)

Regular functionalities for good online sales and start of business growth.


For turnover up to € 400,000

from 59 / month

€ 1416.00 every 2 years
(Save € 960.00)

New growth & expansion opportunities for your stable online business.

Enterprise Premium

For turnover over € 400,000

from 449 / month

€ 10776.00 every 2 years
(Save € 3584.00)

Everything which your large business needs for sustainable & international growth.


For turnover up to € 100,000

25 / month

€ 299.99 every year
(Save € 59.91)

Regular functionalities for good online sales and start of business growth.


For turnover up to € 400,000

from 69 / month

€ 828.00 every year
(Save € 360.00)

New growth & expansion opportunities for your stable online business.

Enterprise Premium

For turnover over € 400,000

from 499 / month

€ 5988.00 every year
(Save € 1192.00)

Everything which your large business needs for sustainable & international growth.


For turnover up to € 100,000

30 / month

€ 30.00 every month

Regular functionalities for good online sales and start of business growth.


For turnover up to € 400,000

from 99 / month

€ 99.00 every month

New growth & expansion opportunities for your stable online business.

Enterprise Premium

For turnover over € 400,000

from 599 / month

€ 599.00 every month

Everything which your large business needs for sustainable & international growth.

*This price is per month without VAT

Business Enterprise Enterprise Premium
Products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile Commerce
Free eCommerce Templates
Storage 10GB 15GB 100GB
Transaction fee 0.00 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
New orders
Out of stock
Total customers
Sales information
Abandoned orders
Top products
Top customers
Google analytics reports
Abondoned orders
CSV importer 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
Magento importer
Multi variants per product
Digital products
Product options 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Product bundles 10 Unlimited Unlimited
XML importer 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
XML sync 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
Hidden products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Category properties
Smart Collections 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Customers limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customer groups Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Import customers
Export customers
Discount with promo code 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Label discount 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Global discounts 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Fixed discount 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Discount with multiple promo codes
Sales reports
Product reports
Payment reports
Customer reports
Add this - social sharing
OLX 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
Etsy 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
Zendesk Chat
Facebook Messenger Chat
Facebook comments
Login with Facebook
Login with Google
Google analytics
Google Tag Manager
Zapier 2500 10000 Unlimited 2500 10000 Unlimited
Facebook Dynamic Ads 2500 15000 Unlimited 2500 10000 Unlimited 2500 10000 Unlimited 2500 10000 Unlimited 2500 10000 Unlimited
Google Merchant Feed 2500 10000 Unlimited
Instagram Feed
Yotpo Reviews
Retargeting 2500 10000 Unlimited
Profitshare 2500 10000 Unlimited
Colibri ERP 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
Facebook Chat Bot CloudIo
Google Ads 2500 Unlimited Unlimited 2500 10000 Unlimited
Mailchimp 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
Brick and mortar stores
Solytron 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
Asbis B2B IT4profit 500 500 Unlimited
Fix-rate delivery
Auto sync payouts from currier providers 50 500 Unlimited
Cash on delivery
Bank Wire Transfer
Virtual POS Borica
Virtual POS Fibank
Virtual POS UBB
Pay at store
UniCredit Consimer Financing
BNP Paribas Personal Finance
TBI Bank
Static pages
Choose template
Storefront builder
FAQ pages
Landing page builder 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Blog categories
Blog articles
Blog comments
Manage Translations
Manage Files
Manage email notifications
Automatic Region Importer
Abandoned Cart Email Notifications 1500 Unlimited Unlimited
Manage store administrators 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Brand removal option
Support via EMAIL
Total amount of orders (currency) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Upsell 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Free Hosting from CloudCart
Use your current domain name
Install your current SSL Certificate
Marketing Features
SEO Friendly code
Quantity discount 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Urgency Timers
Discount (buy X get Y) 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Cross-Sell 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Facebook Pixel
Criteo 2500 10000 Unlimited
Microsoft Dynamic
Active Campaign
Constant Contact
Emag 2500 10000 Unlimited
Algolia 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
ChannelSight 2500 10000 Unlimited
Duplicate Product
Shopify Importer
OpenCart Importer
WooCommerce Importer
Brands Distribution 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
One-click waybill generation tool
Quick order
Fraud risk prevention in real time
UTM and Source tracking
Export Orders
Robots.txt modification
RSS feed settings modification
Meta data modification
301 redirect modification
Dynamic Sitemap.xml 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
301 automatic redirect import 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
Google Maps One-Click Geolocation
Google Autocomplete text suggestions
Pre-defined delivery & payment methods
GDPR Application & Documentation
Gensoft 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
Microinvest Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Versus 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
Polycomp 500 500 Unlimited
Workflow 2500 Unlimited Unlimited
Discount Banner Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Viber messages
Brands and Models
XML import priority task Unlimited
XML import interval Unlimited
Glami 2500 10000 Unlimited
XML Sync priority task Unlimited
XML Sync - interval Unlimited
Skroutz 100 10000 Unlimited
Also 50 50 Unlimited
Also priority Unlimited
Also interval Unlimited
XML feeds generator 1 1 Unlimited
XML feeds generator products 100 100 Unlimited
Orders Monthly Revenue Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Facebook Conversions API (CAPI)
Marketing Suite - Subscribers 100 100 100
Seo spinner
Seo spinner products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Seo spinner categories Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Seo spinner vendors Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Variants in listing
Marketing Suite - Subscribers form 5 5 5
Gensoft - Update in 10 minutes
Support meetings 3 5 10
Copy info 1 1 1
Мachine translation 1 1 1
Copy products for language version
AI Products translation
CloudCart Reviews - Manual reviews
SMS messages
Web Push notifications Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Marketing Suite - Subscribers RFM Аnalytics
Discount code (PRO)
Discount codes generator PRO 5000 5000
Authorize payment
Create your own plan

Consult our eCommerce expert team on how to choose the best plan to fit your business needs

CloudCart Startup

Start your new online business without an initial investment. You get 30 days free trial and after that, you can choose a suitable plan.

Expert help

Our team of eCommerce experts will help you choose the right features for your business.

Business consulting

Consult with our specialists what plan to choose for your online store and get answers to all your questions.

Expert services

In our eCommerce Ecosystem you can find all the relevant services your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CloudCart?

Open SaaS eCommerce platform with a myriad of marketing tools and ready-made integrations delivering you more sales.

How do I pay?

Use a CloudCart online store or website to pay a monthly, annual or 2-year subscription for a plan of your choice: Business, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus, depending on the stage and needs of your business. Register your bank card in your merchant account or admin panel and pay conveniently for the subscription, expert services, additional apps or packages you use in the platform.

Is there a transaction fee with CloudCart?

NOCloudCart does not have an associated transaction and/or installation fee coming with the eCommerce software, because we believe that your business does not need any more parties to come after your profits.*Even though the platform itself doesn't incur any transaction fees, please have in mind that any payment method, shopping method or any other in-store app you select to use may come with an additional cost and/or fees of its own, so make sure to have those in mind.

What time does the contract get signed for?

There are NO contracts in CloudCart - we offer you only monthly and annually based plans which are up to your own choice and liking. You can start or stop your own online store by your own choice.

Can I cancel my CloudCart subscription and store?

YES - in case you decide that CloudCart isn't suitable for your business, you can walk away at any time.

How can I take payments from my customers?

Easily - CloudCart offers a choice of various payment methods, which will allow you to take payments from your clients. You can choose between PayPal, Credit/Debit card and Bank transfer among others.

Can I change my plan?

YES - you can change your plan whenever you want to. You can go to a higher or a lower eCommerce platform subscription plan. The only caveat being that you can't go back to the FREE Start UP plan once you outgrow it.

Can I use CloudCart in a language of my choosing?

YES - CloudCart is currently supporting English, Russian, German, French, Greek, Arabic and Bulgarian. If you don't find your language among those, you can easily translate your store's interface yourself within your admin panel.

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