Sell more with eMag

Easily connect your online store with the eMag marketplace through our integration. Open a new sales channel, reach more customers on the Internet and increase your orders.

Convenient connection tools



Connect your store with eMag and present your products on one of the most popular marketplaces. The platform is used by thousands of merchants in Bulgaria and abroad.


Easy publishing

Publish all or selected products from your CloudCart store to the platform via XML product feed.


Current stocks

Take advantage of always current stocks, quantities and prices that are updated over time.

Start an online store

Create an eStore and sell your chosen products everywhere with ease.

Accessible marketing information


Add UTM tracking parameters to get a clearer idea of the marketing results and clicks achieved.


Select which products to display in the feed before you generate it. You can decide to show all or only those that are currently available.


If you sell on the eMag marketplace, create an online store with us and upload your products in it too. This way, you will have them in at least two places and will be independent of the marketplace.


Sell anything

Offer your selected products and services, wholesale or retail, use ready-made product catalogs by distributors.

Sell on other sales channels too

Sell also on other marketplaces and channels such as social networks and comparison sites, and reach more customers.




Social networks


Comparison sites

Sell easily with CloudCart

Take advantage of a wide variety of ready-made integrations, functionalities, automations and expert services for your business.

We will be by your side

You can manage everything on your own but you can always count on our expert cooperation and the resources we provide.

Help Center

Find answers to frequently asked questions from merchants about working with CloudCart.

Merchant Community

Be part of our active community to share experiences and innovations in the industry.

Blog and guides

Learn how to grow your eBusiness with valuable tips and eBooks.

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