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Your #growth Is Supported By Our #solutions And Our Partners’ #services On Every Phase Of Your Journey

We have the answers for every eCommerce challenge that you might have. By choosing CloudCart you can focus on the growth of your eCommerce business without being worried about anything else. Our platform offers top-tier solutions for every potential need that an online merchant can have. In addition, thanks to our eCommerce-as-a-service model, you have easy access to hand-picked top-performing partners, ready to offer customized services for your business.

Not Only The Essentials, But Much More Beyond

CloudCart Core - The Secret Engine Behind Any Successful eShop

At the level of CloudCart Core, you gain access to all of the features, tools, and integrations needed to run a successful online store.

CC Core is our essential growth engine, packed with every solution that you might need to effortlessly build, manage, and grow your business. With CC Core you can have it all - from store design and UX management to product merchandizing, a flowing and high-converting check-out page, payments, and shipping processes. Your business scale doesn’t matter here - everyone, from the smallest to the largest businesses, can accelerate their growth with our stable and scalable system.

Design & Customization

With our powerful design engine, you can make your ideas come to life and sell what you love in a store that looks exactly like you have imagined it. With CloudCart every visual aspect of your storefront can be truly personalized, so each store page fits your dream design.

Product Management

Add, remove, edit, import, or export thousands of products with just a few clicks. Get your store inventory in order and automatically synchronize your products’ quantity status. With the help of CloudCart’s built-in management resources, you can decrease your store’s operation costs and keep your stocks up-to-date.

Product Merchandising

Add or remove thousands of products in seconds. Get your store in order and automatically synchronize your products’ quantity status. Use CloudCart’s built-in management resources to reduce your store’s operation costs and keep your inventory up-to-date.


The well-optimized checkout process is a core feature, capable of catalyzing the growth of every online store. With our CC Checkout, you can effortlessly optimize your check-out page for a higher conversion rate. You can remove all distractions, so you can turn visitors into paying customers with ease. Or you can gather all of the important information you need to further boost your growth.

CloudCart Payments

CloudCart Core supports almost every payment method you can think of - globally or locally! Offer your customers the option to choose from globally-recognized payment options or locally relevant payment providers that perfectly complement your localization efforts and boost your revenue.


Handle all shipping processes like an expert. With all of CloudCart’s integrations, dealing with a large volume of orders at peak times is a breeze. Of course, with CloudCart’s core shipping and fulfillment solutions, you can ensure that your store stays stocked all the time.

CC Education

Providing knowledge to those who seek to improve themselves is one of CloudCart’s core values. With us, you can get access to our free comprehensive education center. Learn the basics or get a better understanding of the intricacies that make large and small businesses - truly stand out.

Cloud Hosting and Security

The Core Solution that puts the “Cloud” in “CloudCart”. When you pick us, you get instant access to free Cloud Hosting regardless of your store’s size. As opposed to many other solutions, with CloudCart security, speed, and bandwidth are no longer an issue. Grow at scale freely, thanks to your online store’s CDN and PCI-DSS level 1 security.

Data Dashboards and Analytics

Get the full overview of the state of your store in a centralized and user-friendly dashboard. With our world-class analytical tools, you gain instant insights of your cash-flow trends, customers, sales reports, or product reports. You no longer need to be a data scientist if you want to analyze all of the important data relevant to your sustainable growth.

For the eCommerce Businesses Ready For The Big Leap

Powerful tools helping you to easily exceed your current growth level

The seasoned eCommerce professionals or the fast-growing online businesses can achieve even greater growth with the help of the advanced features in CC Extended, specially designed for them.

The CloudCart Extended product level is packing the tools that the businesses ready to scale demand in order to utilize the full potential of our software and network resources.

ERP Integrations

ERPs or Enterprise Resource Planning software is a type of must-have solution that you should leverage if you want to develop your business and simplify your online store management. The ERPs available in our list of integrations are bidirectional software solutions that seamlessly connect you with local or even global providers.

Multichannel Sales

Attracting customers from the biggest worldwide marketplaces is a proven growth strategy. With our easy-to-setup integrations, you can showcase your products on the most popular marketplaces. Using our available and ready-to-use integrations puts multichannel sales in the palm of your hand.

Premium Support

Our Premium Support is carefully crafted, so the service can solve even the needs of large-scale enterprises. With this hands-on solution, we will solve your issues regarding 3rd party integrations, automation of processes, data syncing, security, marketing automation, and much more. Premium Support level also unlocks live chats, video calls, and priority support for critical issues that simply cannot wait.


The best fulfillment companies in the business can become an integrated part of your success. With our solutions, you can connect your eStore straight to the fulfillment company that best fits your industry. The fulfillment services take care of many steps crucial for the growth of your business, from customer call center support and deliveries to logistics handling, import, and export of goods your business requires.

Buy Now Pay Later

The “Buy Now Pay Later” integrations available for your CloudCart store allow you to enable layaway and installment payments for each product. Connect your business with the largest payment solutions of your choice and let your users buy more of the products they want. All you need to do is to configure the payment methods and start offering this modern type of consumer financing.

Migrate your Store

When it comes to migrations, the smoothest transition possible is a must. To guarantee that your store will find its new home in a safe, quick and effective way, CloudCart developed our own solution. Migrate effortlessly from Adobe Commerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, OpenCart, Wiz, or any other service. Retain your reputation, customers, and products and get the best possible eCommerce experience possible.


On top of our system of applications, we created numerous own software solutions that will further enhance your experience with CloudCart Core. Equip your store with even more functionalities and seamlessly connect your business with a bundle of super useful applications, granting you the ultimate eCommerce experience.

Google Cloud Hosting and Security

Our partnership with Google allows CloudCart to provide the quickest and most secure online store hosting service available - Google Cloud. This feature is available for merchants with higher-tier plans who genuinely want to invest in their online business. Google Cloud Hosting and Security puts your online store at the forefront of high scalability & security. This is a specialized solution curated specifically for eCommerce owners.

Cross-border sales

CloudCart Extended is giving you the opportunity to expand your growth beyond the horizon and reach new markets thanks to our ever-expanding Cross-border sales capabilities. The hallmark of our innovative eCommerce-as-a-Service is our partnerships with industry leaders, as well as the relationships we build with new partners in every market we open.

A Marketing Suite That Will Help You #Grow, #Sell, And #Achieve More

Access every marketing tool that you need to grow your business - integrated into your store’s dashboard

With your CloudCart store, you gain access to powerful eCommerce marketing solutions. With those integrated tools you can improve your marketing management, optimize your resources, achieve greater ROI, and grow your business as never before.

Spend Less Time and Money and Communicate & Achieve more with a full suite of solutions for building high-converting Landing pages, Upsales and Cross sales, Detailed Segmentation, Customer reviews, Email, Web push, Viber, and SMS marketing.

Analyze. Segment. Sell.

Growing your business is easy when you have a full suite of powerful marketing solutions that allow you to build high converting Landing pages, Upsales and Cross sales, Detailed Segmentation, Customer reviews, Email, Web push, Viber, and SMS marketing.

A.I. Generated Customer Persona

With this functionality, you can identify real people across all devices, emails, sessions, and multiple accounts. Never again send the same message to one subscriber.

Signup forms, Popups, Announcements

Create engaging popups and announcements with our easy-to-use visual drag n' drop builder.

Multi-dimensional User Segmentation

Gain deeper insights into customers' behavior. See their value and better target your campaigns.

Multiple communication channels

Use Email, Viber, SMS, Web push, and more, to reach your existing and future customers at scale.

Regular and Automated Campaigns

Find popular eCommerce campaigns. Use "Welcome", "Back in Stock" and "Browse Abandonment" to retain your audiences and keep them in the know.

Integration free

No Javascript or snippets needed! Effortlessly work with your entire database from your CloudCart store.

Social Media Integrations

Integrating your store with social media marketplaces is an easier way to attract traffic and potential customers that can grow your revenue significantly. With CloudCart this task is easily achievable. Integrate your store without coding with all of the relevant marketplaces.

Facebook Store

The "Facebook Store " application offers all of our merchants a seamless way to integrate their online store with Facebook, unlocking new opportunities for reaching a wider audience and driving sales. This powerful tool helps store owners leverage the vast user base and social nature of Facebook to boost their business.

Facebook Pixel & CAPI

CloudCart's integration for Facebook Pixel & CAPI enables merchants to effectively track and analyze customer behavior on their online store. With Facebook Conversions API (CAPI), store owners can optimize their ad campaigns, retarget potential customers, and gain valuable insights for improved marketing strategies and increased sales.

Instagram Store

Integrating Instagram into your CloudCart online store can unlock a world of opportunities for your business. This powerful combination allows you to leverage the visual appeal and social aspect of Instagram to drive more traffic, engagement, and, ultimately, sales for your store.

Google Integrations

Integrating your CloudCart eCommerce store with various Google services can significantly enhance your store's performance, SERP visibility, and marketing potential. CloudCart's seamless integrations with multiple Google products help you streamline your online store's data management and optimize your marketing strategies.

Enterprise-Grade Marketing Automation

Access to powerful marketing automation is now available & affordable even for small and mid-sized online businesses.

Messaging integrations that allow you to send messages that make a Blast!

With our multiple integrations, you can start using the true power of Omnichannel communications. Grow your client base with well-coordinated and sequenced campaigns with multiple steps.

Make it Personal with Viber for Business! Use Viber’s rich media messaging options to deliver personalized one-on-one experiences – to every inbox. View more

Personalize your Web Push Notifications to increase revenue. No personal information is required, and anonymous users are retained. View more

Make every word count with CloudCart’s SMS Marketing Automation. With an average open rate of 98%, no other channel can compete with SMS. View more

Dynamic Coupon Codes

Improve CTR by providing personalized Coupon Codes to active users interested in a specific group of products. Reward customers with free shipping, percentage, fixed discount, and more

Create must‑click landing pages

Build high-converting landing pages from scratch or pick pre-made templates - your choice. Use your store's No-Code Builder to create the ultimate landing page. Use 10+ out-of-the-box widgets to showcase your featured products, best brands, top categories, smart collections, customers reviews, and more

Upsell & Cross-sell

Increase your revenue by implementing smart Cross-sell and Upsell techniques. Using Cross-sell and Upsell offers will increase the value of your customer’s cart by recommending complementary products or services. Offering carefully chosen additional products will also ensure the customers' satisfaction with their purchases is at its highest. Delight your clients by offering them upgrades such as better features, increased volume, or a more luxurious product version.

Predefined email templates that convert

Sending beautiful emails is easy when you can choose from dozens of eye-catching design templates, ready to be customized in minutes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder.

RFM Analysis

CloudCart's RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Analysis feature is a powerful tool enabling merchants to gain valuable insights into their customers' behavior and prepare and segment their customer base for targeted marketing efforts. RFM Analysis helps store owners identify their most valuable customers and devise personalized marketing strategies to maximize those customers' engagement, retention, and revenue.

Customer Reviews APP

Showcasing your satisfied customers' reviews is one of the best ways to set your store up for success. Our CloudCart's Customer Reviews App is a powerful tool designed to easily help merchants collect and showcase customer feedback on their online stores. You can use this feature to build trust with your potential customers, gain valuable feedback for your products and services, and ultimately drive more sales.

CloudCart's Hidden Products

This is a helpful tool that allows merchants to manage the visibility of specific products in their online store. This feature enables store owners to hide products from customers for various reasons, such as seasonal offers, limited stock, or internal purposes. The best part is that even if you hide a product for a limited period of time it won’t lose its organic ranking.

WEB-Push Automation

Web-push notifications are an excellent marketing tool for CloudCart merchants, offering a direct and engaging communication channel with customers. These notifications can significantly improve customer retention, sales, and overall store performance.

UTM Tracker

CloudCart has a built-in UTM tracker which allows you to see and track your marketing-related traffic based on source and medium.

SEO Spinner

CloudCart SEO Spinner is yet another useful feature designed to help merchants optimize their online store's search engine performance. By automatically generating unique and keyword-rich meta titles and meta descriptions, this feature can significantly improve a store's search engine ranking and visibility.

Free link-shortener service

Save money on shorter SMS messages with the free pre-built link shortener found in every CloudCart store. Identify devices and get accurate conversion data about "Opens" and "Reads".

With CloudCart You Can #Grow Your Business, But With The Help Of Our Experts Ecosystem You Can #Scale It

It’s time to leverage the CloudCart ecosystem - built entirely to help online merchants scale and achieve more.

Even if you are equipped with the best tools, you reach a moment when your further scaling requires a helping hand from an industry expert. In order to support our merchants' desire for constant growth, we have built an entire ecosystem around our platform. In this ecosystem, you can find carefully selected companies and experts that have verified expertise that will support you on your journey to a world-class eCommerce business.

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