Legal services for online business

Help entrepreneurs with company registration, patents of product & services, trademark protection etc.

Legal services for eCommerce


Registration of legal entity


Patents of products & services


Trademark registration & protection


Create terms and conditions documentation

CloudCart makes it all easy

CloudCart provides all necessary functionalities for a successful business but you can assist our merchants with compliant legal services.

Legal assistance

Become a part of our trusted lawyers and help CloudCart's merchants to meet all legal requirements.

GDPR for eCommerce

Our GDPR application allows you to add other legal documents or company policies if they are required by the particular industry.

Static pages

You can add a number of static pages if you need to provide the end user with any other additional information.

Product documents

Every digital or physical product can have its own documentation like guarantees or anything that is needed in order to provide a good customer service.

Ecosystem of experts

Join our well-structured community of great lawyers and work on projects for CloudCart's merchants.

Additional income

Become CloudCart’s ambassador and earn commision with every new merchant. We offer great partnership bonuses for those who promote our platform and help us improve more businesses.

Earn from legal services in CloudCart!