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Easy and intuitive tools, integrations and automations, professional help and expert services, gathered in one place for the success of your games and toys business.


How CloudCart features will help you easily sell games and toys:


Offer a choice of colors, sizes and other product variants with appropriate visualization options.


Add category properties such as age, material, number of parts (puzzles) and more, and allow your customers to easily find your products with a variety of filters.


Add value to the product and offer options such as gift wrapping, greeting card, personalization and much more.


Easily add various files to products such as user manuals, diagrams, warranties and more.


Present your products with multimedia through image galleries, video content and 360-degree interactive images.

Related products

Display appropriate related products to customers to increase the average value of the order.


Multilingual Store

With CloudCart you can launch your online store in several languages in minutes without any headaches.

Automatic translation of your categories, products and pages.


How CloudCart automations will help you save time and money by selling games and toys:

Automatic notifications

Set up automatic email notifications for customers about everything related to their orders, as well as for an incomplete order or abandoned shopping cart.

More convenience

Automatically create bills of lading, invoices and credit notes. Take advantage of automatic marking of orders as paid when there is information for paid cash on delivery.

Product catalogs

Import and export product catalog automatically in various formats. Easily make your catalog available to your partners.

Sell everywhere

Your online store for games and toys deserves to reach more customers with automatic links to Facebook & Instagram Shop, various marketplaces and international markets.

Synchronization with ERP and warehouse software

Connect your e-store to the inventory management system you use, and you'll always be aware how many items you have in stock.

Powerful marketing tools

Use discounts with countdown timer as well as promo codes, Facebook & Google pixels for remarketing, Analytics, SEO, Viber messages, automatic emails for incompleted orders, Upsell & Cross-sell offers, bundle deals and more.


Convenient payments and shipping

Add modern payment and shipping methods with automatic bills of lading and take advantage of additional pick up and pay in-store options.


Optimized checkout process

Increase your sales and reduce the number of abandoned orders with an innovative checkout process.


Impressive design themes

Create your perfect brand image with the drag & drop builder for landing pages or choose from over 25 professional design themes.


Premium template: Playground

Playground is the theme made to deliver kids smiles. Sell toys using the power of the CloudCart platform in combination with the modern design of the premium theme Playground. Divide your products into different categories fast and easy, and give the ability to your clients to filter the uploaded products by multiple factors. Sell more with Playground.

Premuim template: Little Me

Remember your carefree childhood with the premium theme Little Me. Sell baby and children clothes with the advanced functionality and elegant design that this premium theme provides. Take advantage of the interactive slider, a section with top manufacturers, promotional products, and show all of the benefits of your store, with Little Me.

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Your platform is exceptionally innovative, with options for quick and easy learning upon service and with a number of apps that help in online sales. You have thought about little things that are important and contribute to better results. But this is just a small part of the CloudCart platform. The great thing lies in the CloudCart Team. Young, daring, thinking, knowledgeable people. Each question, each novelty we have the opportunity to discuss and implement. Of course, nothing comes just like that. If someone doesn't want to grow even the best platform wouldn't help them.

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Благодарим на целия екип на CloudCart. Изключителни професионалисти! Прекрасна комуникация. Винаги са на линия за бързи промени и можете да разчитате на тях за всичко.


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Това, което ми хареса в платформата на CloudCart е, че е възможно да изградиш онлайн магазин напълно самостоятелно. Също така при нас се доказа, че работата с обработката на всички поръчки е много лесна.

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Fashion/Clothing & Accessories

Dress your customers in the latest fashion with products from your new CloudCart online store.

Electronics & Computers

Create a store for computers, mobile phones and electronics with effective marketing tools for more customers and easy business management.

Health and beauty

Sell groceries, supplements, cosmetics, aesthetic procedures, massages and more in your own online CloudCart store.

Home & Garden

Discover unlimited opportunities for your business with online sales of furniture, furnishings, textiles, decoration and all kinds of home and garden goods.

Games & Toys

Develop successful eCommerce with an online toy store for young and old, board and computer games, music and entertainment

Animals & Pets

Offer quality food, toys and other products for dogs, cats and all kinds of pets.

Arts & crafts

Turn your hobby into a successful business by offering handiwork, paintings, photographs, candles, wooden, ceramic and pottery goods, tapestries and more.

Automotive & Industrial

Guaranteed power and stability under the hood of your CloudCart store so you can offer tires, car accessories, car parts, car cosmetics and more.

Books & Entertainment

Immerse your customers in the fairytale world of your e-bookstore, sell music instruments, stationery, videos and more.

Gifts & Specialty

With your CloudCart store, your customers will be able to give away your products or services more easily and share the happiness and love of the priceless moments.

Sports & Recreation

Enter the Champions League of eCommerce with a store for sporting goods, proteins, vitamins, nutrition and fitness programs, yoga videos and more.

Food & Beverages

Easily offer food and beverages online and reach many more customers with the capabilities that CloudCart provides.

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