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Sell more and reduce the number of abandoned carts with an innovative checkout process that turns visitors into customers.

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Advantages of CloudCart Checkout

Use a unique checkout that localizes the customer with just one click.

From visitor to customer

Reduce the percentage of abandoned carts by an average of 70%. Our automation toold will turn many of them into completed orders.

Facilitated checkout

Eliminate the countless unnecessary fields that require a lot of time, irritate users and are one of the main reasons for the high percentage of abandoned carts.

Optimized design

Upon checkout there are no Headers and Footers, which only confuses and defocuses the users from completing of the order.

Mobile friendly

Use a checkout, 100% optimized for mobile devices, without technical problems, broken design and unnecessary elements that confuse users.

Email automation

Your customers will receive an automatic email for an abandoned cart, which you can edit as needed. This will encourage them to complete their orders.


Predefined steps

Your customers can save time by completing their order even more easily with predefined payment and shipping methods.


Address localization with one click

Provide your customers with the opportunity to automatically fill in the entire shipping address by geo localization and save them time from filling in mandatory fields.


Your customers can be located up to a meter from anywhere in the world, thanks to the connection between your store and Google Maps.

Delivery details

Delivery address data is retrieved automatically and contains district, city, village, neighborhood, street, block, zip code and even retail stores.

Shipping cost

Wrong addresses and surprising changes in the shipping price are eliminated. The price is calculated in real time for all courier services activated in the store.

Fast checkout

Your customers enjoy an excellent user experience with a fast checkout, which increases the conversion rate by up to 4 times.

Shared checkout

Your users will be able to shop and transfer the order process between multiple devices. For example, to add products to the cart from the phone and pay on the computer.

Hundreds of services and features for your business in one place

Migrate your online business to CloudCart, take advantage of all the benefits that the platform gives you and start selling anything and anywhere.

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