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Multichannel Sales

The cross-platform #connection your business needs to #grow even more. Connect your CloudCart store to the most well-known marketplaces, comparison sites and social media and get more exposure.

Advantages of CloudCart Multichannel Sales

Safe and secure

Data streams are encrypted and connected to your store through CloudCart’s security network.

Cross-platform sales

Sell on other platforms and have your CloudCart store automatically process sales, delivery information, and waybill generation.

Product catalog stream

Upload your entire product catalog or selected product categories to any third-party site and enjoy automatic synchronization between CloudCart and your multichannel presences.

Effective marketing

CloudCart empowers its merchants’ social media presence with powerful omnichannel marketing tools to boost sales.

Get started on your 30-day-free trial and see how you can sell anything anywhere to anyone!

Social Media Stores

Use social media’s powerful sales capabilities and connect with your audiences meaningfully.

Facebook Catalog info

CloudCart's integration with Facebook Catalog allows merchants to easily list their products on Facebook and Instagram, enabling them to reach a wider audience and boost their sales. 

By synchronizing their product catalog with Facebook Catalog, merchants can manage their listings and inventory in one place, and easily update their products with just a few clicks. This integration also allows merchants to run Facebook ads and retargeting campaigns to target their audience more effectively.

Sync Products
Manage Orders
Live Inventory
Boost Sales
Retarget Campaigns
Run Facebook Ads

Instagram Shop info

Create shoppable galleries which directly link Instagram and CloudCart. Upload sections or your entire catalog and sell more.

Works with Facebook Catalog

You can easily upload any particular part of your product catalog to Instagram. It’s connected to your existing Facebook catalog - you simply need to tag the products from your profile to your Instagram.

Seamless integration

CloudCart’s seamless integration with Instagram, allows merchants to integrate the popular social media into their store effortlessly - no coding required.

Influencer marketing

Use influencers and their social presence to boost your sales further. CloudCart has influencer platform partnerships which allow merchants to do more for their business

Constant data sync

Always be on top of your product quantities for each variant with CloudCart’s XML Feed with Instagram.

Instagram in your store

With cleverly applied widgets, you can place portions of your Instagram content in your CloudCart store.

Migrate your Store

Enjoy the best eCommerce-as-a-service experience possible. Use partner services, get access to community experts and more than 160 active integrations all at once.


With 89 billion visits a month, Google is the most used website on the planet. As its technological partner, CloudCart gives you the ability to easily connect your store to Google’s free to use network of convenient services.

Google Maps API

Generate a Google Maps API key and use it in your store to provide users a smooth check-out experience. This tool is quite a powerful tool used along with CloudCart’s Geo localization.

Google Search Console

Install this app and get an in-depth understanding of your SERP performance, most highly searched for keywords and everything else that’s important about your store’s Google performance.

Google Ads

Use influencers and their social presence to boost your sales further. CloudCart has influencer platform partnerships which allow merchants to do more for their business.

Google Tag Manager

Google’s Tag Manager is the central hub which controls the access for all other Google services. Integrating it into your CloudCart store makes your SEO and website maintenance much easier to perform.

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 gives you extremely vital information about your Google Ads campaigns, UTMs, Search performance and overall store performance. It’s a potent tool for those who want to understand their audiences better.

Marketplace Stores info

Marketplaces are a highly profitable place where many merchants promote and sell their products. Your CloudCart store can integrate the most-used marketplaces.

OLX info

CloudCart online store owners can quickly expand their reach by including OLX as a sales channel. With the OLX integration, product transfer, stock synchronization, and publishing/unpublishing can be automated. The integration is available in all countries where OLX operates.

Etsy info

You can sync your CloudCart product catalog with Etsy using the Etsy application. The app allows you to choose which products to sync and transfers essential product information, including name, description, variants, prices, and stocks.

еMAG info

CloudCart's eMAG app syncs with popular marketplaces in Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary. Merchants select which store categories to sync, which product details to transfer like name, description, variants, prices, a—nd quantities. The app works through event-driven actions, syncing products with eMAG upon purchase.

Comparison Sites info

Get access to ready-to-buy users by integrating your CloudCart store to comparison sites.

CloudCart is partnered and technologically linked its software to several of Europe's most popular comparison websites. 

You can easily upload your entire catalog to Glami, Pazaruvaj.com, and Sravni.bg, Trendo.en, Skroutz, Compari and Arukereso.hu.

Join the fastest growing eCommerce-as-a-Service platform in Europe today.