Personalize everything by segmenting everyone

Gather the necessary data to improve list segmentation and start sending hyper-personalized messages that convert.


Transform your marketing with Dynamic segmentation

Want to target customers who ordered a white shirt in the last 3 months? Or browsed fishing gear? Or even browsed a product for more than X times?

CloudCart's powerful segmentation allows you to dive deep into who your customers are and how they shop, and then serve up dynamically personalized content that speaks to them as individuals.

Increase revenue by utilizing the power of your data

Having the right data is the first step toward better segmentation CloudCart uses key data from your store to serve your customers super-relevant content based on how they shop — from purchasing and browsing to clicking across every page.

Automated and in-real-time sophisticated yet easy-to-apply segmentation

Say goodbye to endless to-do lists

CloudCart gives you the ability to observe and segment your whole audience, as well as build precise, targeted segments.

Easy-to-use marketing tools

Easily segment, automate, and customize whatever targeted ads you've got up your sleeve.

Segment by UTM, Referrals or even Device brands, OS

Create Segments based on those that your Contacts have clicked or visited your store from specific ADS campaigns. With each, you'll know more about their interests and increase your conversions!

Segment by Contacts activity

Identify those Contacts most interested in your business and activate those who are losing interest. Automatically monitor interactions with your Campaigns!

Segment by Demographic with Custom Fields

Create your Segments based on criteria such as gender, age, country, marital status, salary and more. This data allows you to send Campaigns that are 100% tailored to your Contact's needs.

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