Why CloudCart?

Due to our trading and technological experience, we have created an user-friendly software that goes hand in hand with the rising businesses of our merchants and helps them to grow.

Nikolay Iliev - CEO

Nikolay Iliev is the CEO of the company. He has experience in eCommerce trading, business development and consumer behaviour which helps him creatе great customer engagement strategies and handle business growth opportunities..

Peter Iliev - CTO

Peter Iliev is the CTO of CloudCart. He leads all technical projects related to integrations with external applications as well as further elaboration of CloudCart’s features. Peter and his team strive to provide simple solutions to seemingly complicated matters.

How it all started?

CloudCart started in 2016 as a project between two brothers - Nikolay Iliev and Peter Iliev whose aim was to understand the digital world well and create a product which will continuously benefit the user. The dynamics of the digital development helped them to see what all merchants need and use that in order to make CloudCart the perfect business partner.


The mission of CloudCart

We aim to remain eCommerce leaders and strive to make all our merchants the best in their field.

The vision of CloudCart

CloudCart is probably the easiest-to-use software for online stores and has a large-scale eCommerce Ecosystem. The innovative technology allows our merchants to save financial resources, effort and time.

CloudCart Values

We see the team as a family and that’s our most valuable asset. We tend to encourage our colleagues to take personal responsibility for CloudCart’s success, because the power of interdepartamental support is what benefits our merchants and makes them successful.

CloudCart technology


CloudCart is technologicaly developed and intuitive platform which is adapted to the current needs of all eCommerce merchants.


We develop valuable tools and features for an user-friendly business management which also improves your sales.


Ability to connect with a built-in API for easy communication with external systems.

Professional Team

CloudCart team is the engine of our quickly developing software. We use our expertise in order to advise the merchants and contribute to their own as well as our success.

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Technical department
Marketing department
Design department
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Administrative department
Financial department
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You are welcome to the family of successful online merchants!

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