Less ME, More WE!

CloudCart is built around a simple belief - together, we are more robust and can achieve more. We are gathering like-minded people and true believers, people with the same mindset that want to create products and companies that drive the eCommerce industry forward.


How it all started?

CloudCart started in 2016 as a project between two brothers - Nikolay Iliev and Peter Iliev whose aim was to understand the digital world well and create a product which will continuously benefit the user. The dynamics of the digital development helped them to see what all merchants need and use that in order to make CloudCart the perfect business partner.


Our Mission

To Empower Merchants and Ecosystem Partners to Achieve More.

We provide knowledge, technology, and network access that unlock unlimited opportunities and create synergies which drive the eCommerce industry forward.

Our Vision

To build vibrant and interconnected local ecosystems around our innovative technology.

We designed to support merchants who want to conquer the fragmented European market.

Our Values


Acknowledging that we don’t know enough about anything is the only way to push our development forward. We apply that to every single decision, process, feature, or even a person we interact with.

Family First

At CloudCart we follow a simple mantra - Less ME, more WE. It represents our true belief that we should always think of our team, customers, partners and stakeholders as a united family which we adamantly cherish and protect.

Freedom to Create & Achieve

Boundaries are made to be crossed and limitations are projections of our own minds. We want to live in a world where everything is possible, in a world where opportunities are endless.

Dynamic by Design

We try to stay in perpetual motion. We believe that entrepreneurs are dynamic by design and their constant strive for development leads to evolution on both company and individual level.

Value for Everyone

We founded CloudCart with the simple goal to create something meaningful for the whole market we operate in. We strive to create value for everyone involved in the eCommerce sector by unlocking new opportunities and providing the right infrastructure for merchants, technology enablers, service providers, marketing specialists, freelancers, and more.

Passion in Everything We Do. Because we Care.

Each business and product needs a spark to ignite its engine. We know that our company is created with Passion and we need to preserve it in everything we do. To have passion means to stay engaged with your customers, partners, and goals. It means to care about what you create.

Persistence is the Fuel for Innovation

If you want to be the first to build something you should be fast. If you want to be the best in your niche you need to be persistent in what you do and what you believe in. This is our company core belief that determines our innovation mindset.

Perfection is Dangerous

People tend to describe themselves as perfectionists, as someone who strives to create perfect processes, products and even relationships. But the truth is that striving for perfection can be the main source for disappointment, negative feelings, and stress.

We prefer to strive for constant improvement - that guarantees that you are pushing forward without the self-destructive expectations of achieving something that might be a chimera.

True to Ourselves, True to the World

If you want to do something that might affect others you better start with asking yourself would It be OK for you to be in their shoes.

Sounds fairly simple, right? We share that code of conduct in order to make it easy for us to live with our own decisions and our way of doing business.

Open to Anyone

We acknowledge that everyone is different and yet, just like us - looking to improve their own microcosm and to live a better life. We embrace you believers, go-getters, the ones that live out-of-the-box and the ones ready to cross boundaries, to learn and achieve more.

Have fun & Enjoy every moment

Life is challenging and tough enough to not have fun while living it. We want everyone to enjoy the moments we spend together, creating new stuff, innovating, and interacting with our customers and partners.


Nikolay Iliev - CEO

Nikolay Iliev is the CEO of the company. He has experience in eCommerce trading, business development and consumer behaviour which helps him creatе great customer engagement strategies and handle business growth opportunities.

Peter Iliev - CTO

Peter Iliev is the CTO of CloudCart. He leads all technical projects related to integrations with external applications as well as further elaboration of CloudCart’s features. Peter and his team strive to provide simple solutions to seemingly complicated matters.

Nikola Stamboliev - CCO

Nikola is an experienced manager who adeptly develops and implements strategies for sales and operational plans, forecasts and reaching goals. He knows how to start from scratch and create an organization, strategy, logistics, and operations. He feels at ease in a multinational and multicultural environment.

Peter Lozanov - CMO

Peter has 15+ years of experience in Marketing and Technology founding and managing several communication agencies, startups, and even a startup studio. He focuses on building "the Symbols of Tomorrow" by creating an emotional, direct, and perception-perfect brand communication.

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