Got an amazing tech product that's perfect for our ecosystem? Welcome aboard!

We have hundreds of effective integrations in our app store that help our customers grow, so everyone else in the ecosystem wins.

Long-term growth is a top priority - for our customers, our partners, and for CloudCart

We position ourselves among the leaders in our markets because we are innovative and think long-term. Partner integrations contribute to this success and we select them strategically to ensure they deliver value to our merchants.

When you become a part of our strategic partners, you receive multiple benefits

If you have a technology or solution that has the potential to become an effective integration and application available in our ecosystem - welcome to our family of strategic partners.

Co-organized marketing campaigns that increase your users
Preferential prices for your customers
Different levels of partner conditions and programs
Support in achieving our common goals and conquering new markets
Access to thousands of merchants available in the CloudCart customer base
Locally adequate

You get the opportunity to use a ready and easy to manage and customize product, optimized for the local needs of the Bulgarian and international markets.

Payment instruments

We have integrations with both major global players and local payment service providers for each individual market in which we develop

Financial products

Localized financial products are part of our platform. Customers can benefit from a variety of products facilitating their shopping experience.

Delivery and logistics

One of the most important areas that need to be localized is integration with local couriers and logistics centers. With CloudCart, we have integrations available for every market.

ERP системи

Localized business automation systems are essential. We have made every effort to ensure that our merchants have access to locally relevant ERP systems.

Marketing tools

Some of the marketing tools only matter to local consumers. Of course, we've thought about them too, and included them in our app store.

Let's discuss how your app can become part of our list of partner integrations

Contact us to discuss how we can grow together and conquer new horizons.

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