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Turns visitors into customers. Keep them on track, #sell more and reduce the number of abandoned carts with a singular, smooth and useful checkout experience.

Advantages of
CloudCart Checkout

The checkout process that empowers merchants and helps them achieve a conversion rate
of 21%. Make adjustments as you go and see what best fits your business model.

From visitor to customer

A well-rounded checkout page will capture visitors' attention and help them make that important decision.

One-click shipping address

Your customers can fill in their shipping address with a single click. Remove distractions and make the sales your business needs.

Mobile friendly

Create a checkout page that looks great on all devices. All design features are optimized to facilitate a better checkout experience.

Pinpoint customer localization

Your customers can be located up to a meter from anywhere in the world, thanks to the connection between your store and Google Maps.

Real-time shipping calculations

There will be no surprises regarding the shipping price. The rates are calculated in real-time for all courier services activated in your store.

Smart Checkout Page

Developed in partnership with #GoogleMaps #MaxMind and #GeoNames ORG

Digital and physical products

Your checkout page automatically distinguishes between physical and digital products. It changes checkout requirements automatically to guarantee your customers get what they paid for.

Automatic account creation

CloudCart checkout can automatically create an account for visitors who’ve ordered and send them an email notifying them. When they visit again, your store will automatically log them into their profile.

Made for retail and wholesale

Your CloudCart checkout will also distinguish between retail and wholesale customers and apply or remove VAT.

Region-specific VAT

You can exempt certain regions from VAT and taxes, or you can add extra tax for certain goods. Your Checkout will know the difference.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

A core out of the box functionality which allows you to recover customers who’ve put products in their cart, but never finalized the order. 

Engaging messages

You can create specialized email templates in the template builder. Choose the exact words, products and visual stimuli that will save the lost order.

Email and message reminder

When this option is turned on, your customers will receive an automatic email for an abandoned cart, which you can edit as needed. This will encourage them to complete their orders

Embed products into emails

When this option is turned on, your customers will receive an automatic email for an abandoned cart, which you can edit as needed. This will encourage them to complete their orders

Track order

You can track any orders which have been abandoned and set a trigger that automatically sends an email to the client.

Multiple emails at once

You can send multiple “Restore” emails to multiple customers with a single button. Mark abandoned orders and use the embedded tools to act quickly.

Timed reminders

Timing is crucial for abandoned cart recovery. Pick the exact moment your CloudCart store sends a reminder and get the customer back within the crucial 60 minute window.

One-click Localization
by Google Maps

A powerful addition to any checkout process. With GEO localization, customers
can automatically fill-in the mandatory fields for their entire shipping address.

More Conversions

See a four times increase in conversion rate simply by enabling CloudCart’s Google Maps integration in your checkout page.

Delivery Details

Delivery address data is retrieved automatically and contains district, city, village, neighborhood, street, block, zip code and even retail stores.

Always valid

Save yourself the effort of calling to confirm the delivery address - Google Maps has the most accurate Geo localization to date.

Courier Offices

Your store is also integrated with Google Place Names which enables your customers to type any retail or courier service name into the field to automatically show them their nearest locations.

Precise Delivery Calculations

Because of the accuracy of the Google Maps integration, your store can provide precise shipping cost details. This will further facilitate a better checkout experience for your customer.

Analyze your Store

Using Google Console you can see how your store uses Google Maps. Analyze customer behavior and gain deeper insight into your checkout page layout.

Embeddable Cart & Checkout

Bring your Cart & Checkout to Everyone - Everywhere

With CloudCart’s embeddable checkout link and buy button, you can reach your customers using:

  • Emails;
  • External Websites;
  • Viber, Messenger, WatsApp and more;
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.);
Create a Checkout Link

Embed links to a checkout page with a product you’ve selected beforehand. This is a powerful and useful way of bringing people straight to your store.

Convert with an Embedded Buy Button

Your CloudCart online store can create an embeddable “Buy Button”. Use it as a part of your off-site marketing campaigns and drive customers straight to your checkout page.

Embedded product variants

You can embed and create checkout links for specific product variants. You can also send those links directly to clients who you have on the phone to make that important sale.

Easy to Design

You can easily design how your embeddable checkout will look like. Pick a simple, basic or full design. Choose the background and text color. Determine the actions for pressing a button.

Security of the Checkout

Secure your sales and #protect your customers with CloudCart Checkout Security.

SSL Certificates

Each CloudCart store can easily integrate an SSL Certificate to provide its customers with the ultimate checkout and payment security.


Converts information and personal data into a secret code to prevent unauthorized access.


Guarantees that the two parties transferring the given information are reliable and not pretending to be someone else.


Ensures that the data is not falsified or tampered with.

Bots Protection

We keep your business’s safety in mind. All CloudCart stores come with a built-in Bot protection protocol that stops intrusive traffic from “bad” bots before they reach your store.

No bots are allowed on the checkout page of your store, not even Google bots. This means that only people can see and complete the order process.

Fraud Prevention Tools

With CloudCart you are protected from fraudulent transactions. We #collaborate with the most #reliable payment providers in multiple regions. Along with CloudCart, they have developed supplementary fraud prevention tools such as Borica's Way4.


ShareYourCart allows multi-device use. Users can send each other links from their current cart and collaborate on purchases.

Merge Carts

Registered customers can merge carts from different sessions across several devices. Enable Merge Carts into your store’s checkout settings to allow customers to finalize orders they forgot or they want to complete on a later date.

Share your shopping

Registered customers can show their loved ones what they’ve chosen. They can even leave the products in the cart for later use.

Cart duplication

ShareYourCart duplicates the cart contents for all users and syncs any changes made by the account holder.

Live Shipping Rates

Shipping prices are calculated in real time for all the courier services you’ve activated in your store. By using this feature, you are protecting customers from wrong address input and surprising changes in the shipping price. 

Well Connected

The seamless integration with courier services, allows your store to provide live estimations based on Google Maps Geo Localization.

Available Shipping

The smart checkout will automatically detect which shipping services are available based on the address and postal code your customers have chosen.

No mistakes

Thanks to the smart checkout process and courier integrations, all details, prices and distances will be accurately calculated.

Minimum Order Value

The CloudCart feature we made to protect your business growth. *this is a part of the Bump Cart application

Set Monetary Goals

You can set specific monetary goals like a minimum value for an order which the customer needs to complete in order to finalize. The feature is useful if you want to reach a specific milestone.

Set a Target Amount

You can give a discount or free shipping to your customers if they reach a certain order value.

Look after your Bottom Line

When operating a big online store, it can be difficult to calculate if every order & shipping combination is profitable. With Minimum Order Value, you can set a threshold for purchases to ensure you stay profitable on each order.

Unlock endless opportunities for your business with CloudCart's eCommerce-as-a-Service solution. Sell anything, anywhere.

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