Creating a Terms & Conditions form for your Online Store

You should have Terms & Conditions form related to your business!

Why should you have "Terms & Conditions" form for your Online store?

You must have the "General Conditions" in order to work legally over the Internet. This document will contribute to your legal security, and your business will have set clear boundaries in advance.

What exactly is this service?

CloudCart offers you legal services through which you will be able to pay for the creation of the required document "General Terms & Conditions" and some other legal documents. We'll go through the details of your business in order to add all needed clauses.

What legal services do we offer?

Our lawyers could offer you a number of legal documents: General Terms & Conditions, Terms of returning purchased goods, Conditions for returning an already delivered order, Conditions for refunding, Privacy Policy.

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Don't worry about a thing and let us develop your legal documents providing you the comfort you deserve!

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