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Advertising campaign on Google AdWords

If you want your business to grow faster, you should invest more money in an advertising campaign. CloudCart provides you the most secure and efficient channel, because Google AdWords is an essential part of the marketing mix, and has been used as a primary channel for reaching the desired results.

We will support each step of your advertising campaign by investing your money smart.

Advertising channels that we can support

Google AdWords Search

We use search engines every day. It is a common thing that your potential clients will search information for your store first there. We advise you to do not disappoint them and let them find information for your store easily. Your ads will be seen at the forefront when a particular keyword is searched, but you will pay only for the clicked ones.

Google AdWords Display

Every user has a favourite website that visits every day! Google AdWords Display will allow you to choose your target and will display your Ads to their favorite websites. You can reach your target through your Ads by selecting various forms like banners, videos, text and other..

Google Remarketing

Have you ever notice when you close one website and open another that you have been followed by commercial of the previous site. This is called Google AdWords Remarketing, and it is allowing you to remind those visitors that left your online store to re-open it and start shopping again!

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Every Gmail user can be your potential client. We can offer you to send a Sponsored Promotion to all Gmail users, and you will have to pay only when users are opening those emails.

Google AdWords Display

If you want to place your video Ads in the famous video channel YouTube, you will have to pay only when users watch your Ad for over 30 seconds, where redirection to your website will be free of charge.

You better start your advertising campaign today!

If you want to increase the sales of your online store, and just to enjoy of the generated profit, then all you have to do is to contact our trusted professionalists with many years of experience.

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