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CloudCart eCommerce platform is the future of online sales

What is CloudCart?

CloudCart is a new platform, aimed at people and businesses willing to open an online store with minimal initial investment, and the lowest maintenance costs possible. We’ve invested over 10 years of experience in online businesses and 2 years of development and testing into a platform that requires no programming or design abilities at all. The foundation of our cloud-based Web development platform was that the Internet should be accessible to everyone to develop, create and contribute.

The number of online stores is ASTOUNDING

Back in 2013 an article noted that the number of online stores generating over $1,000 a month was over 500,000 in the US alone! The number of stores with such earnings increased by 13,5% compared to 2012.Back then annual online sales in the country were projected to reach $370 billion in 2017 - from $231 in 2012 - that is 60% more!The US census compared the first quarters of 2014 and 2015 and reported the amazing 14,5% net increase - FOR A YEAR!

What does this tell you?

That it’s time to invest in a platform that will benefit from this growth - or at the very least to start your own online business!

What is the profile of the CloudCart investor?

Anyone who believes in the future of online trade and making it accessible to all Internet users is welcome to become our partner.

What is the potential in this industry?

Virtually unlimited. Online trade has no boundaries, which means that your customers can be anywhere in the world, and you can fill (or even create) your very own market niche. This means somewhere in the world there will be a dedicated customer base which only you can serve - and if served properly this community will only grow larger.

Why invest in CloudCart?

You understand how important the Web has become as a trade channel, and know it will continue to grow. You are familiar with the concept of market niches, and that more and more people will want to have their own online store without a number of middle men between them and their customers.If you want to be part of CloudCart, which have a serious mission - to HELP everyone to start sell online. Or if you want to make a good profit in future, this will be the best choice in your live.

How do I invest in CloudCart?

If you would like to purchase shares in CloudCart, please submit investor questions only using the form below or email us at:


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