Marketing Tools Integrated in CloudCart

Would you like to SELL successfully through your online store? Then you definitely need to rock the marketing game with various tools. CloudCart has a lot of them already integrated within our ecommerce platform. It's so EASY to START with a couple of clicks, that anyone can do it!

No credit card required! You don’t pay a cent until you hit your $1,000 mark.

CloudCart is the smartest decision you can make

Everything that your online business needs under one roof!

  • Start for FREE and begin selling from Day 1
  • We offer you a free and secure hosting spanning the globe
  • Automated inventory tracking
  • GDPR app in full compliance with the EU regulation
  • Automated invoice and waybill generation
  • No need for programming skills, or even a programmer for that matter
  • We have even prepared a marketer's handbook to help you out

Integrated marketing tools for increased sales

  • With just a few clicks, you can set up a Facebook pixel, dynamic ads, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Login, etc
  • We have full integration with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Login, Merchant Feed, Google Ads Remarketing, etc
  • You can use our integration with mailing providers like MailChimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, Sendin Blue, etc
  • Create new landing pages with our easy-to-use Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Activate our fully automated tools for optimized Upselling & Cross-Selling
  • We have made over 50 different criteria for the creation of promotions, which will help you increase your sales

We are proud to present you with

All we develop is focusing on increasing your sales!

  • Unique checkout process, which localizes the customer with a single click
  • Automated abandoned cart emails
  • Complete purchasing and ordering funnel in Facebook Messenger, with the help of our chatbot
  • Automated abandoned cart reminders in Facebook Messenger
  • All Fast Checkouts are logged into the admin panel of CloudCart as oppose to the usual email-only fast check-outs in other platforms
  • We have created the first of its kind marketer's handbook based on seasonality and separated month-by-month

Reasons to use CloudCart Checkout

No more abandoned carts (70% on average for regular e-commerce stores). Our automations will convert a big portion of them into actually completed orders.

No more endless lists of fields to fill in, which annoy the users and are one of the main reasons for a big % of the abandoned carts situation.

No more Headers & Footers and other distracting design elements for the cart, which confuse and defocus the customers from completing their purchase.

No more broken design and mobile device issues.

Full email notification automation

Every customer of yours will get an automated notification by email, for registering, making a purchase, change of the orders status, as well as creation of a waybill and for tracking it. The system will also gently nudge your customers and remind them about abandoned carts they have, which calls the customer to take an action. You can always edit the settings for all automated email notifications through your admin panel.

Start for FREE
and Build Your Successful Online Store!

CloudCart is all FREE until you hit your first $1,000 in revenue!

No credit card required! You don’t pay a cent until you hit your $1,000 mark.

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