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Powerful admin panel

Here you can find all the tools necessary for the modification of your online store. You can add products, brands, categories and observe customer's visits. Manage your design and blog, configure payments and deliveries. Use our system for analysis and reporting Here is еverything you need and it's easy to operate.

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Customer management

Track the status and activity of new and existing customers, only from one menu. You can track what, when and how your customers order.By monitoring the intensity of orders and visitors by months, you will be able to calculate the efficiency your marketing campaigns and increase the efficiency of your store.

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File management

Creating and maintaining an online store requires constant uploading of files. These files can be digital products, images, categories, brands, logos and other. Once you attach them, they will always be available. Likewise, you will be able to reach them from different devices.

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Shipping methods

The platform provides many options for delivery services worldwide. You can send and receive packages, make money transfers and much more. You can use this option to set prices for insurance or extra taxes, calculated based on location or other criteria.

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Express Checkout

Now everything happens in a single page only for a minute. We removed unnecessary questions and gathered the essential information from the six steps and pages to fit into one. So as a shop owner in CloudCart, you will provide to your customers the easiest way to work with their orders.

шаблон за онлайн магазин

The mobile version of your online store

The mobile version is optimized online store, specifically made for usage of the variety of mobile devices.

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Optimized payment process

We managed every payment process to be comfortable as possible.You don't have to spend valuable time on filling extra information. With just a click, you can activate various of payment methods, that CloudCart provides.

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CloudCart reports

Through these statistics you can follow what your customers are ordering the most and create analyses. Use this powerful tool to measure the productivity of your online shop. With our Sales Report tool you can track your sales volume by days, months and years.

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Simple navigation process

You can manage your store without having any technical background, with our simple and easy to use menu, placed on the left side of your web page. There you can find menus with sub-menus, which you can use to configure your store. Working with them is easy as a child's play.

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software for online store management

visual editor for online store

Customizable designs

Any chosen theme can be customized by managing the main background colours, font, images, colours of the frames, various shades and much more. Although, you can match your online store with the brand image of your company.

seo optimization for online store

SEO optimization

This is an internal optimization of your website. It ensures a fast return on the invested money. Applies modifications of your text, keywords, titles, paragraphs, images, SEO friendly links and other important factors that have an influence on your web page.

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secured hosting for online store

Secured hosting

Your online store comes with Unlimited bandwidth, Shared SSL certificate (not included if you use your own domain), Instant upgrades, Level-1 PCI compliance, and Simultaneously data replication across several data centres.

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marketing tools for online store

Marketing tools

Promote your store with ease thanks to our powerful marketing tools. CloudCart will give you ability to create and manage your discounts, coupon codes, restore abandoned orders.

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Sell your products on Facebook and eBay

Expand your market share and sell your products everywhere

sell on facebook

Sell your products on the social network channels! Create an online store in CloudCart and with a single click you can increase your chances of additional sales.

Sell on Facebook

Sell in the most famous marketplaces - eBay! Generate additional revenue for your business by offering your products to the thousands of shoppers on eBay.

Sell on eBay
Blog for online store

Your online store has a BLOG

Manage your blog professional and easy with CloudCart's platform. Each article can be placed in categories, and your blog will look well-organized.


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