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Your online store has a variety of marketing tools for online store
Create online store
Create online store

Create online store by CloudCart

Creating discounts

You can create discounts based on promo codes or global discounts or make it regular, simple and easy without the necessity of inserting any codes.

Creating promo codes

The discount could be either fixed amount, percentage or free delivery.

Restore abandoned orders

You can choose if you'd like automatically or manually to send a reminder to the user that has an abandoned order so that he can return and finalize the process.

Get a Coupon for Google Adwords

Google Adwords allows you to pay for a real click (Cost per Click, CPC) by the customer. By this way, you will pay only for the users who saw and clicked on it or opened your website.

Sharing products via AddThis

This widget allows sharing your products quick and easy on social media channels. This great function will increase the possibility of more and more users to see and order your products.


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