Inventory management

CloudCart has a system for inventory management
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Create online store

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Importing CSV files

If you are using another platform for your online business, but you want to change it to CloudCart's platform, you can use this tool to import your data to your new store via CSV file. You can import products, categories, brands, customers, etc.

Adding products to Smart Collections

Collections are the easiest way to combine different kind and/or type of products into one group. You can use Smart Collections to create discounts, special advertising and much more.

Organizing by categories

Categories and subcategories

You can organize your products smart and ease the process for your clients when they are shopping on your web page

Category Properties

Category Properties

These are different criteria in the product category, which would help your customers to filter, find and select easier the kind of product they are searching. For example, you can create properties "Metal", "Shape", "Designer" for category "Earrings".

Product Variety

Product Variety

If you have a variety of options for a single product (e.g. color, size, material), you will be able to create them in the section "Products Settings".

Managing product quantity

You can track your inventory, set limit or unlimited amount of products and inform your customers about it. When your inventory is decreasing, our system will notify you.

Product Tags

Product Tags

These are keywords for your products. You can create tags that could help to your customers to find the desired products faster.

SEO for online store

Products' SEO meta tags

Prepare your pages for better SEO results when you add meta titles and meta descriptions. CloudCart is creating an automatically sitemap in xml format.

Digital products

All online stores at CloudCart's platform have secured tools for selling digital products. These are all products that are saved, delivered or used in electronic format.


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