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How to build a successful furniture store?

If your business is related to manufacturing and delivering furniture and you want to launch your own online furniture store, then you are at the right place. CloudCart’s eco system strives to help you build your online furniture store and to make it a successful online business.

We have provided everything you need in order to successfully sell furniture online!

free design template for furniture online store

What do you need to pay attention to?

When you sell furniture in your brick-and-mortar store, your clients can see and touch the goods that you’re selling. Unfortunatelly, they cannot experience this pleasure online.Your job is to ultimately re-create this feeling for them, as your online furniture store needs to make the clients buy from you.

Create online store for furniture

A click away

The good thing with shopping online is that online users are only а click away from everything and you are quite aware that nowadays people don’t have any free time to wonder around various shops. Clients judge the product by the online picture, which means that you need to have some good quality pictures.

Sell furniture online

Every detail is important

It is important every detail to be shown in the pictures; the images have to be edited by professionals. This is the key to the successful online business.

Sell furniture online with CloudCart

Detail description

The product description and furniture characteristics in your online store are as just as important for your clients because they are looking for different models, sizes, colours and materials. Describe every element of your product and let your customer be fully informed.

CloudCart will help you with everything!

We know that you are good in what you do and you know what products you need to manufacture or deliver, in compliance with the customers’demand. You are just lacking knowedge on how to sell furniture online! Be good in what you do and focus on that, as it is our job to show you how to be successful online and how to make a successful furniture ecommerce!

online store for furniture

Best design template for online furniture store

We present you free professional designs to create an online shop for furniture with CloudCart


Flint is the ultimate theme for small to large shops. With its unique, completely automatic features, your products will shine like never before. Features include a design that looks great on any device, a fading homepage slideshow, edge-to-edge collection photos, a clean typography-driven look, and numerous color and font customizations.


Ruby is a fresh, super-customisable & versatile theme for furniture. It has been thought for all kinds of shops. Ruby caters for the discerning store owner no matter the size of your inventory.


Our default theme offers you Homepage Slideshow and easy-to-use navigation dropdowns. It s packed with great features you can customize according to your online store for furniture.


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