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Integration with Econt

The integraton with Econt is giving you the ability to calculate the delivery fee, depending on the location. You can also request a courier from CloudCart's administrative panel.

Google Tag Manager

With this innovative tool, you can easily position the external codes of the third service to be loaded into your online store. More information

cloudcart integration with mailchimp


Mailchimp - Your users will be stored in email list in Mailchimp, so you can keep them informed about new products and other important information.

cloudcart integration with disqus

Disqus comments

Disqus improves discussions in online stores, unites conversations and comments about a specific product / topic throughout the network.

cloudcart integration with facebook

Facebook comments

By activating Facebook's comments, the activity of customers in your online store will be shown in the "News" and on their Facebook page.

Zopim chat

Your clients will be able to write to you messages while they are on your web page. Zopim provides management of multiple simultaneous chats, so you will be able to answer faster to all of them.


If you use this option, your customers will be able to quickly share your products in variety of social networks. You will be able to choose if you want to follow the amount of shares each product has.


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