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Leverage immense problem-solving for your business using our diverse ecosystem of applications, created in-house and in collaboration with #partners. Get exactly what you need and streamline your business processes to tackle unique challenges.

Advantages of
CloudCart Applications

Perfect match with your CloudCart store

Integrate your warehouse software with ERP to organize, synchronize and manage inventory in your stores and warehouses with ease.

Additional benefit

Each application is created to add more to an online store. The utility found with these applications enables you to do more without complicating store operations.

Comprehensive yet Simple

Our applications are easy to use. They are created to be useful while keeping your store management simple.

Feedback driven

We stay close to our merchants and take in their valuable feedback. If you find a way to make our applications even better, we’ll listen.

Key Features

Local Payment

Merchants can list quantities of each product at each physical location. When selected by the customer, each store will display its current product quantity.

Unit measurements

Enables merchants to use uncommon unit measurements to sell in bulk, per crate, barrel, boxes, package, pallet, scoop, etc.

Live Chats

Integrate Zendesk Chat, Disqus, Messenger Chat, CloudIO, Drift, Slack and many more live chat applications in your store.

Store branded email

The custom SMPT application gives you access to a built-in server for your store branded email address.


Use Cross Sell &UpSell, Product Bunldes, MailChimp, Google Ads Remarketing and many more buil-in applications to boost your marketing campaigns.


Find the perfect shipping partners in CloudCart’s App store and quickly deliver goods domestically and internationally.

Social Media

Integrate social media into your account to expand your reach further. Use Instagram, Facebook and other well-known marketplaces to earn more.


Make store administration easily, use LoadBee, CloudCart Dynamic DataLayers, Drip, Saslesforce and much to manage your store’s operations.


BumpCart is the ultimate upselling tool for merchants using CloudCart. This excellent application allows you to offer your customers an irresistible incentive when checking out, resulting in increased revenue for your business. This app helps you offer customers free shipping or other discounts to reach a certain cart amount.

Benefits of CloudCart BumpCart

Increased sales

BumpCart allows merchants to offer additional products or services to customers during the checkout process, increasing the likelihood of additional sales.

Improved customer experience

BumpCart's pop-up message is unobtrusive and allows customers to add related items or upgrade their order without having to search for them.

Easy to set up

BumpCart is easy to set up and can be used to fit a merchant's specific needs.

Boosts average order value

By offering related items or upgrades during the checkout process, BumpCart can help merchants increase their average order value.

Increases customer engagement

BumpCart's pop-up message provides customers an engaging and interactive shopping experience, encouraging them to add related items to their order.

Compatible with payment providers

BumpCart is compatible with various payment providers, allowing merchants to offer additional products or services during checkout without disrupting payment processing.

Locations and Local Pickup

A CloudCart developed application which allows merchants to list their physical locations and provide them as a delivery or pick-up destination for customers.

Benefits of Locations and Local Pickup

Triage deliveries

Handle orders which contain out-of-stock products. Migrate products from different stores to fill the gaps, bundle them in one package at your closest location and fulfill the order.

Closest delivery spot

Customers will get suggestions for the closest pick-up location based on their geo-location.

Works for all industries

Businesses in each industry can benefit from it. It makes inventory management, payments and customer relations a breeze.

Ship goods to store

Customers can order goods from your online store and choose which physical location to pick them up from.

At store payments

This application can also be used as a payment method once enabled. It allows your customers to choose to pay when picking up their order.

No listing limitations

List your entire chain of stores based on neighborhoods, city or even country.

Store details

Visualize where your store is on the map, list the specific address of the location, work hours, phone and specific email address.

Real-time synchronization

Local Pickup automatically matches the quantities of all your listed physical locations and online store. It can be directly connected to your management system through API or a XML.

Migrate your store to CloudCart

Enjoy secure store and domain hosting, more than 160 live integrations with ERPs, fulfillment companies and banking, refined eCommerce software and more than 30 specialized partner services.

Delivery Time Slots

Made for grocery stores and brick and mortar businesses with an online presence.

Benefits of Delivery time Slots

Time and date for delivery

Allows customers to pick exactly when they’d prefer their delivery to arrive at the chosen destination.

Booking days in advance

Select how many days in advance a customer can select an order. This is great for stores whose products require a longer handling time.

Shipping time per category

Select a time interval for categories. Time between orders for certain category products can be handy if you need more time to process the order or get your products ready.

Pickup Limiter

You can set a specific time and delivery slot limiter for each time and day period. You can set it per hour to handle peak demand more efficiently.

Live updates

The application automatically updates the time slots visible to the customers so you don’t have to do it.


A CloudCart application made for grocery stores and merchants who sell bulk items and who need a more precise measurement method for their business model. 

Benefits of Units

Modify existing products

It's quite easy to modify existing products and add detailed measurements for orders. Provide better sizing, per length, per gram, per kilogram or per volume options.

Import existing units

You can XML import products which already have specialized units added to them. This is quite handy for migrating merchants or for syncing with Fulfillment and ERP systems.

Accurate pricing

Тhis app helps you provide accurate pricing to customers who’ve choosen the desired cuts and quantity - the system will make the appropriate calculations according to the ordered quantity and provide an accurate price for the product.

Easier invoicing

Invoicing and accounting for grocery stores can be difficult, unless their inventory management system has the “Units” app. Transfers decimal and hexadecimal over to invoices.

Create your own measurements

You can set up a measurement unit to best fit your needs. Set the units name, short name, the quantity of the basic measurement unit and so on.

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