"Celebrations" is a theme which focuses on the most important personal moments in life. The design is delicate and brings attention to joyful days - we offer many banners, large slider and various product sections. There is also a blog section, where you can share your knowledge.

Type business
Religious & Ceremonial

*The themes do not offer access to working files for all banners and sliders

Merge navigation and slider

The smooth slider - navigation connection shows a great, harmonious look as well as a good sense for detail which plays a key role in this industry.

Category banners

Category banners are classic and elegant, but the structure creates a dynamic feeling, which keeps the visitor excited. Usually the customers are looking for specific products for a certain occasion, so it is good idea to guide them through the home page.

Product galleries

With the product galleries you can bring attention to certain items. For example, if you choose to show your "Best-selling products" section, you increase the chances the customer to find the needed products quicker and complete the order much faster.

Section "About us"

When people organize a wedding or a christening, they usually need a partner which would handle the event with care and would offer a well-planned service. Therefore it is important to share your values and approach.


The blog section is extremely important for any online store. Regularly published articles would improve your Google search ranking and your shared knowledge also creates a relationship with customers.


The template is the basis for a successful online store, but also gives access to Drag & Drop Builder, through which you can upgrade the look of your store at any time. The theme is adaptive to mobile as well as desktop version.

The theme is suitable for

  • A migrating business
    that is looking for a more attractive way to present its products in order to meet the market demands.
  • A start-up business
    that has the right set of products but doesn't know how to present them.
  • Physical business
    an expert in personal communication with customers, but still experiencing uncertainty when it comes to a solid online presence.

Cart & Checkout

  • Choice of action after added product to cart - send to payment / cart, show pop-up or leave the customer on the same page;
  • Show product prices only to registered users;
  • Reminder for unfinished order after a time period specified by you;
  • Optional adding of manufacturer / default payment method;
  • Minimum order price;
  • Minimum order quantity;

Marketing and conversions

  • Blog
  • Contacts form
  • FAQ Page
  • Related products
  • Email marketing
  • Upsell & Cross Sell offers
  • Pop-up widgets
  • Product selections

Page Builder

Develop your marketing skills with the drag & drop builder of informative and promotional landing pages.

Size is important

Set the correct proportions of the photos to improve product presentation and customer conversions.

Customisable header and footer

Customize the header and footer of your store to make navigating as convinient as possible.

Colors are powerful

Easily change the colors according to your vision to create the right look and mood for your store.

The font speaks

Your chosen font has the power to influence your communication and build trust in your visitors.


Beautiful and intriguing design for your online store