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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions that the merchants ask us. Learn more about our ecommerce software solution and what other users are interest in.

What is CloudCart?

Open SaaS eCommerce platform with a myriad of marketing tools and ready-made integrations delivering you more sales.

Can I start an eCommerce store for FREE?

YES - You get 30 days free trial and after that, you can choose a suitable plan. Create your online store and just take our services for a spin.

Is a credit card required, in order for me to register?

NO - You get 30 days free trial without the need to giving us your card. After that, you need to enter your credit card details and choose a suitable CloudCart plan.

What time does the contract get signed for?

There are NO contracts in CloudCart - we offer you only monthly and annually based plans which are up to your own choice and liking. You can start or stop your own online store by your own choice.

Do I need a separate hosting?

NO - all CloudCart plans include a special hosting optimized for running your online store. We use the Google Cloud Computing (the same servers, which Google use for their services), in order for your online store to achieve an uptime of 99,98%. More than 50 servers across the globe are making sure that your website is operting the same fast way, no matter which part of the world you're trying to open them from.

Do I need an SSL Certificate?

YES - this is the certificate, which ensures the protection of the information being transferred between your customers and your store. The shared SSL certificate is included in the pricing of the plan you chose for domains of the type And if you need an SSL certificate for your own domain, feel free to contact us, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Is there a transaction fee or an installation fee with CloudCart?

NO - CloudCart does not have an associated transaction and/or installation fee coming with the e-commerce software, because we believe that your business does not need any more parties to come after your profits. We have no installation fees either, because most of the things are automated in a way that for the most part doesn't need a human intervention from our end which will cost you more money. *Even though the platform itself doesn't incur any transaction fees, please have in mind that any payment method, shopping method or any other in-store app you select to use may come with an additional cost and/or fees of its own, so make sure to have those in mind.

Can I transfer my current e-shop to CloudCart?

YES - you could transfer your data relatively easy and fast. For the most part it's like downloading it first from your current online store, and uploading it after that into CloudCart. You can transfer products, categories, customers and brands. If you are feeling lost, don't hesitate and just contact us!

Will you help me with setting up my eCommerce store?

YES - CloudCart has available experts, who can assist you every step of the way. You can take a deeper look at our SERVICES section, where we have tried to write down all that we can help you with. We also offer a personal assistant/consultant to all merchants who selected the ENTERPRISE plan.

How can I create the perfect design for my shop?

Easily - with the help of our visual page builder or one of the many professional ready-to-go e-commerce templates that come FREE of charge with CloudCart. If you find yourself needing of a helping hand in the design department, look no further, but just give us a call!

How can I take payments from my customers?

Easily - CloudCart offers a choice of various payment methods, which will allow you to take payments from your clients. You can choose between PayPal, Credit/Debit card and Bank transfer among others.

How can I create a waybill?

Automatically- we have a working integration with all the major shipping providers in Bulgaria (DHL, DPD, Speedy, Rapido and Econt), which allow you to automatically generate your orders' waybill with just a single click from your new store's control panel.

Is it possible for me to install the marketing tools without any technical knowledge?

YES - CloudCart offers you a plethora of tools for marketing and advertising of your online store, which you can install with a couple of clicks - no technical knowledge needed. We have integrations with Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, MailChimp among 1100+ more.

Can I use my existing domain name?

YES - your online store can be set to use an existing domain name, that you own or you can buy yourself a new one within CloudCart's control panel.

Can I use CloudCart in a language of my choosing?

YES - CloudCart is currently supporting English, Russina, German, French, Greek, Arabic and Bulgarian. If you don't find your language among those, you can easily translate your store's interface yourself within your admin panel.

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