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Product Merchandizing  

Make your products stand out

CloudCart made it possible for merchants to display their entire inventory in a way that makes most sense to them. Use our powerful product merchandizing system to convince customers your store is the place to shop.

Advantages of CloudCart
Product Merchandizing

The product merchandizing system which helps you show your inventory in an effective and engaging way

Multimedia Merchandizing

CloudCart supports multimedia merchandizing like video for product tutorials, 360 view and photo galleries for a more attractive product showcase.

Manage with a few Clicks

You can easily add information or photos related to a product. Amend the way you display your products to customers and help them see that what you offer really matters.

Detailed product descriptions

You can go into as deep of detail as you’d like. Provide your customers with an informed decision about a product by displaying all product features.

Embed products into social media

You can easily embed products from your store into your social media. Promote your newest ones or add bundles which you want to sell more of.

Create shoppable galleries

CloudCart allows you to create shoppable galleries and include them into your store or use them with your social media.

CloudCart Merchandizing Key Features

Product Attributes

You can assign properties to each product, making it easier for customers to find exactly what they want. Attributes like power output, dimensions, color, material and everything related.

Informed decision

Customers who’d like to know more about their choice, will be more likely to buy from a store which provides more information about a product.

Easy to compare

Make it easier for your customers to compare products in your store based on specific attributes.


Properties allow you to attribute specific qualities of a product. Properties like power output, materials, etc. can be turned into a hyperlink which leads customers to a category related explicitly to that attribute.

Product Variants

Do you have multiple variants for the same product? Give your customers the ability to choose the product that truly suits them and earn their business.

Uses for Product Variants

  • Discounts for different variants
  • Detailed product variant tracking
  • Multimedia presentation for each variant
  • Include variants as filters in product listing
  • Different prices for different product variants
  • Edit and order additional quantities of a product variant
  • Custom 2D diagrams, color samples, photos, drop-down menus, and radio buttons

Filters management

Need a convenient way to sort massive amounts of products? CloudCart created a comprehensive filtering system that allows you to do exactly that.

Uses of Filters Management

  • Create and save custom filters
  • Apply changes to specific product filters
  • Search for products by keywords
  • Correct details of a specific product

Organize products into smart collections

Smart collections are quite useful for merchandizing products to a specific audience. If you know your customers, you’ll also know what they are looking for. 

Anticipate customer needs

Smart collections are quite helpful for merchandizing products to a specific audience. If you know your customers, you’ll also know what they are looking for.

Accurate targeting

You can also target a segmented group of users with any number of smart collections to achieve the best possible sales results.

Promotions and discounts

You can attach a smart collection to a specific discount or a promotion. Make the smart collection display page a landing page for a social media campaign and refine your sales funnel.

By Category
By Vendor
By Tags
By Discount
By Specific Product
By Sale/New
By Price
By Product Type

Bundle products

By adding the free “Product Bundles” app from your CloudCart App store, you can create a collection of products which complement each other. 

Once created, a product bundle will be displayed as a single product, but it will contain what you’ve previously chosen.

Incentivize with an attractive bundle price

Product bundles often come with a more attractive price for the total package. Customers will be more likely to buy bundles if they make financial sense - take advantage of this fact and sell more.

Made for special events

Product bundles can comprise a wide range of products centered around a specific event in a customer's life.

Date restricted

Create a sense of urgency and put a deadline for the bundle. Display a timer on the bundle page or product listing to let your customers know when this offer expires.

Custom sorting

Custom sorting allows you to finetune where your products appear on the page. Attach a numerical value when adding a new product to determine where on the page it displays.

To boost the sales of a specific product give it a “1” value - this puts it on top of the page.

Help them see exactly what they want and make their experience muchmore enjoyable.