Upsell and Cross-Sell for more sales

Use our Upsell and Cross-Sell app and take advantage of the possibility to optimize your sales without spending extra money on advertising.

Why use Upsell?

Upsell can make your customers’ main purchase more expensive by offering a replacement with a higher class of the same type of product, but at a slightly higher price to the customer or by offering another product with a discount.

Upsell with a similar product

Suitable for products which are considered a long-term investment such as equipment. You can offer the customer a more expensive product with additional features by pointing out its advantages and giving him a tempting price.

Upsell through a discount

Suitable for products that are used daily - such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics. You can offer a more expensive, larger product instead of the main one, to a regular or new customer, with a specific discount or free shipping.

Upsell with an additional service

Suitable for replacement of the main item with а product аnd a service - such as equipment or software which needs additional maintenance, training for use, repair, and others.

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Optimize your sales with Cross-Sell

With the help of cross-sell you can offer your customers accompanying products that complement the main product. This will increase your sales, and the customer will be happy that you 'reminded' him of a necessary product.

Additional Cross-Sell

With this version of Cross-Sell you can offer the customer a related product which complements the value of the product chosen by him. For example, if he orders glasses, you can offer him to buy a case for them.

Seasonal Cross-Sell

According to the time of year you can offer an additional product or service. For example, if Christmas is coming up and the customer orders a toy, you can offer a gift box.

Promotional Cross-Sell

This version of Cross-Sell draws customers' attention to relevant but discounted products.

Sell anything

Offer physical or digital products and services, as well as paid content such as video tutorials, courses and more, wholesale and retail, use distributor product catalogs.

Sell anywhere

Reach more customers through Facebook & Instagram Shop, various marketplaces and comparison sites, and international markets.

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