Education, Entrepreneurship & ART -
the 3 pillars of CloudCart’s giving back mindset 


We believe in education & knowledge

In an era full of challenges and fast-paced transformation, we choose to focus on supporting education and knowledge empowering activities and organisations as the foundation for constant improvement in the world we live in.

Ecommerce education for all

CloudCart expertise in eCommerce and sales is at the core of our success. We want to pass that asset to the next generation of entrepreneurs and creators, to the people that will fuel the economy of tomorrow.

  • UNWE Alumni - Learn More about our projects for the biggest economic university in Bulgaria 
  • Better Branding 
  • CloudCart Academy - Coming Soon

Entrepreneurship as a way of thinking

We recognize entrepreneurship as the fuel behind every new journey and positive change around us. That’s why we constantly strive to support and encourage entrepreneurs throughout their important and challenging mission to succeed where nobody else did.

What can we do to help?

We provide free eCommerce infrastructure for social entrepreneurs and their causes, sponsor events & initiatives, or just we try to share our personal knowledge and create a spark.

Why CloudcART?

We select Authors & Galleries that we personally like and admire and help them to sell online. We are not evaluating the quality of your work or any other aspect of the art itself. We just give our team a chance to vote which ones to support.