Sell anywhere

Easily and quickly sync your CloudCart store with social media, local and global marketplaces and comparison sites.

Sales with online store

In your CloudCart store you will find all the important features, marketing tools and integrations for more sales.

Multilingual Store

With CloudCart you can launch your online store in several languages in minutes without any headaches.

Automatic translation of your categories, products and pages.


Shops on social media

Connect your eStore with Facebook & Instagram Shop or Google Shopping and expand your sales channels.


Conect with Marketplaces

Reach over 5 million users and boost your sales with automated ads in popular marketplaces: OLX, Emag, Etsy, Pazaruvaj and more.

Ad comparison sites

Use ready-made integrations to automatically post ads and update stocks on popular platforms to make more sales easier.



Expand your business abroad and sell in new markets in the local language and according to local conventions.

Headless commerce

Effectively sell even on the website of another platform by embedding a product or buy button from your CloudCart store.


Distribute your goods to retailers with different products and package prices, according to the volume of orders and regions.

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