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Store Design & Customization

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Easy-to-use page builder for high-converting pages. Welcome to your CloudCart store redesign toolset that helps you bring your inspiration into the business you love.

Advantages of CloudCart’s Design and Customization

CloudCart partnered with Google to provide premium hosting and security to all merchants who want to truly grow and build on their existing success.

Store navigation and footer customization

Rearrange and design your website’s navigation with ease. Group menus, add snippets with CSS and JS, link to specific pages, categories, products, and more.

Image optimization

CloudCart automatically optimizes images uploaded to the platform to ensure they load quickly and don't slow down your website.

Image resizing

You can resize all the images in your store. Choose their shape and borders, adapt image size for products or fall back to the original size of the photos.

Choose font and font size, create buttons, change colors

With CloudCart’s intuitive page builder, you can make detailed changes to make your dream store design a reality.

Store branding

Using CloudCart’s Low-code page builder, you can easily brand your entire store and customize specific pages to fit their particular role.

Favicon generation

Place your brand’s logo in the most prominent place on your website. Make your online presence easy to spot and memorize.

Mobile Responsive Templates

Starter Templates

With CloudCart's versatile design themes, you can create an eCommerce website that perfectly matches your brand's unique aesthetic. Choose from our wide range of pre-designed themes or customize the details to create your own distinctive look and feel.


Motivation is a theme suitable for one type of product, such as sports items. The template includes large product photos and banners, a blog, a sports sections showcase, benefits icons, and a slider with logos. On the home page, there is a large slider, a logo, two horizontal menus with many elements, and a search engine.


Echappe is a theme suitable for one type of product, such as dance clothes and shoes. The template is minimalistic, in bright and friendly colors. Includes large product photos and banners. The home page starts with a large slider; above it, there is a logo, a horizontal menu, and a search engine.


This design is created for sports goods that will look attractive and anyone who wants to shop clothes and shoes online will be impressed. You will be able to upload a large number of items that could awaken the desire for sport and maintaining an active life. Grab your sneakers and show what you can do with them becoming a marathoner in online sales.


Knowledge is a design suitable for online merchants selling books, magazines, e-books, and more. It can also be used for businesses such as fashion, cosmetics, technology, etc. Knowledge is a mobile and desktop-friendly theme, regardless of the size of the product catalog and the number of offered brands.


Beautiful and functional design for your online store. Suitable for selling clothes, accessories, shoes, and more. You can upload a large product catalog and sell many different brands. The template is mobile and desktop-friendly and has intuitive navigation with many elements


InLabs is a theme suitable for all types of businesses - fashion, cosmetics, technology, etc., regardless of the size of the online store' product catalog. There are horizontal menus that allow you to add multiple items, product filters on the right side, text boxes, and a section with brands' logos. A mobile version is available.


Shadower is a theme suitable for smaller stores that offer a variety of products, such as online deals sites. The template has horizontal menus, a large slider and search engine,left-sided product filters, large product pictures, text boxes, etc. Shadower is a mobile-friendly design.


Living is a theme suitable for smaller stores that offer a variety of products, such as online deals sites. The template has horizontal menus, a large slider and search engine,left-sided product filters, large product pictures, text boxes, etc. Shadower is a mobile-friendly design.


GameOn is a theme suitable for one type of product, especially computer games. The template is in a dark color, gentle on the eyes, and a favorite of gamers. The design Includes large product photos and beautiful banners. You can modify the colors and personalize the theme. Furthermore, GameOn includes blog, reviews, navigation, logo bar, and more.


Virtuoso is a theme suitable for eStore with one type of product, such as musical instruments. The template includes an intuitive left-sided vertical menu and a slider at the beginning of the home page. Virtuoso offers a large product catalog, blog, and slider with brands' logos.


Gameofdrones is an interesting theme suitable for online stores that sell all types of products. The template has many different features and you can customize it easily. Highlights: on the right side of the product catalog you will find various filters; you have product showcase, categories, and brands; video on the home page. It is mobile-friendly.


Properties is a well-structured, customizable design. The theme is suitable for small shops. Its highlights are horizontal menus; a large slider and search engine; large product images; filters on the left of the products; text fields; blog. The template is mobile-friendly.


Construction is a universal theme, suitable for all types of products and all types of online stores. The main menu structure, the navigation links, and the slider contribute to the attractive vision of the home page. Highlights: text boxes, large product images, filters to the right of the products, and brands showcase. The theme is mobile-friendly.


Freshionista is a universal theme, suitable for eStores with many products and product categories. It could be used for selling cosmetics, perfumes, health and beauty products, etc. Advantages: large slider; centered logo; main menu with many elements, large product images, mobile-friendly.


Delicious is a theme suitable for almost any online store, as long as the products are vertically positioned. The template has horizontal menus, allowing you to add many elements to them, including large banners, large product photos, and right-sided product filters. This design is mobile-friendly.


Jeans is a template applicable to small and large businesses that offer products from many different brands and have a large product catalog. Theme's highlights: centered company logo; horizontal menu with many elements; slider, text boxes; product showcases, categories, and brands; filters, etc. Jeans is a mobile-friendly design.


Creation is a universal theme, suitable for all types of products and all types of online stores. It features horizontal menus with an option to add many elements to them, multiple text boxes, mosaic arrangement of the items on the home page, filters at the top of the products, etc. This design is mobile-friendly.


Hades is synonymous with something dark and arcane - the power and the mystery surrounding the strong man. You can choose this topic to impact with your elegance and show the best of your products. The original theme is in a day and night combination but could be personalized to suit the merchant's needs.


A journey into the world of this interactive and beautiful theme that will bring not only to you but also to your clients, the pleasure of working with an attractive and functional design. The waves of e-commerce will bring you to the wonderful islands of satisfied customers, while the tailwind of success helps your business.


A theme that turns the wheels of your mind to provide you the opportunity to set out for the new horizons of trading. Suitable for a variety of items such as auto parts, tools, and even jewelry, it gives you a full range of marketing tools and functionality with which to create a feeling in the client that your online store is the right place to be.


It has never been so easy to sell your creative ideas and products online. The design has wonderful colors and features that will make your presence in online business confident and firm. You are able to write a detailed description for the products you offer so that your customers would feel informed about the creative world you are inviting them into.


You can use this design no matter of the number of your products because it’s simply adorable. The slider in the detailed product page is one of a kind. Wonderland allows you to change and modify a variety of functionalities and your customers will be pretty happy to use such a wonderful design that looks like it has just popped out of a fairytale!


One is suitable for smaller merchants and artists. For example, you can use it if you have a special handmade product or something that you would like to show as unique. This design will focus your customers’ attention on your most powerful tool. Choose One, because it’s unique!


The design is suitable for one or two types of products. It allows you to present your products, categories, and brands in the best way possible. You can customize each section of your store and enjoy the great results which will make your customers fall in love with your goods. This is Bond, your Bond!


This design is very easy to use and it will also be very convenient for your customers. What is remarkable about Amber is that it has a vertical slider on the detailed product page. Amber allows you to focus on the content of your store and gives you the freedom to customize each color and option of your storefront.


This design is the perfect choice for a large range of products. Its header is translucent and the inside pages have a solid color for the ease of working with the store. Quick and easy access to the main menu and search engine. You have over 30 colors to modify according to the needs of your business.


In ThemeX you will find everything you expect from a functional, beautiful, and sensible design. ThemeX is for all kind of merchants and all kinds of eStores because you can customize it according to the needs of your own business. You will be glad to use and modify your products’ images and detailed descriptions. ThemeX is the most optimal design!


Premium Templates

CloudCart currently holds more than 22 premium templates which stand out with their tremendous attention to detail, ease of use and simplicity.


The theme "Little me" has a colorful design which reminds of a carefree childhood. The layout guides the customer through selected items and a brief history of the company. Then, the visitor sees all trusted manufacturers which proves that you have a good overview of the market. At this point he knows who you are and what’s offered in your store, so he will not think twice before ordering.

Little me

"Playground" is the right choice for a store offering toys for children of all ages. The design is neutral, but at the same time cheerful. Тhe category banners show a section with products, categorized by age. The parallax and the background in the header creates dynamic feeling and keeps the visitor's attention.


"DIY hacks" is a colorful theme which provokes your imagination and offers a great presentation to all home and garden products. The store design guides visitors through different types of product collections. Followed by feature icons, as well as images representing popular categories.

DIY hacks

"Beauty treats" offers all industry specific functionalities - showcases with large photos, category banners as a connection to popular products and the option for short description of each ingredient. The colors are delicate which comforts the customer and provokes him to consider buying more products.

Beauty treats

"Fashionista" is a template, adapted to the needs of the fashion industry. It's typical for that business to keep in stock many products from different manufacturers. The theme offers horizontally presented subcategories which allows most of the homepage to remain visible, followed by a double slider, suitable for complementary collections.

Coming Soon

The "Artsy" theme is suitable for art work or handmade products. It offers a parallax as well as videos and banners which create a dynamic customer experience and would provoke more sales. The overall look is simplified but unusual, showing a great sense of detail.


No-code Drag & Drop Page Builder

Control every visual aspect of your online store. With CloudCart’s No-code Page Builder, you can quickly realize what #inspires you in your storefront.

Customize your store design, change colors, font size, layouts, and all of the design elements to make your design the best fit for your business.

Benefits of No-code Page Builder

Easy to set up

The learning curve with CloudCart’s page builder is easy to scale. We’ve made every tool and feature as intuitive as possible.

Typography that resonates

Decide the exact font, size, letter color, shading, and lots more with the dedicated Topography tool in your CloudCart store design

Edit as you go

Resize images, present them in their original form, or add a certain form to match any specific page design.

Buttons you’d want to click

Create the ideal CTA buttons, which are irresistible to click. Decide their shape, color, position on your website, and more.

20+ design tools

A wide tool set that gives you the freedom to give life to the store designs you dream of.

Mobile responsive design

Our page builder gives you the best chance of creating mobile responsive store designs, even if you don’t have any experience.

Attractive Banners and Sliders

Capture your customers' attention with visually stunning banners and sliders. Boost sales and create a memorable shopping experience.

Theme personalization

You can personalize the themes your CloudCart store comes with. All CloudCart merchants get access to their store's CSS and JS code. If you want to add something visual - you can do it quickly. 

CloudCart adds custom CSS code to the theme editor for more advanced users, giving users more flexibility in designing their online store.

Store Branding

Store logo

Upload your logo in various file formats to showcase it throughout your store design. You can upload logo images in the following file formats: jpeg, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, SVG

Favicon creation

Customize your Favicon for a unique icon next to your site title in any browser. Store favicons can be uploaded in the following file formats jpeg, gif, png, SVG, jpeg, jpg.

Logo for invoices

Display your logo on invoices issued by your control panel. Add more professionalism to your invoicing with a simple image.

Logo for emails

Add a professional touch to automated emails by displaying your brand’s logo and helping people create a positive association with your store.

Design services

In addition to providing ready-made templates and over 20 theme customization tools, CloudCart also provides Store Design Services.

Benefits of CloudCart Store Design Services

Done in 10 days

Get a unique custom-made design tailored to your business and brand identity done in 10 days.

Know your needs

Work with professional designers with extensive experience in creating eCommerce stores that look great and are optimized for conversions.


Save time and effort by having CloudCart's team take care of the design process for you.

Stellar aesthetics

Benefit from a user-friendly and modern design that is optimized for mobile devices and provides a seamless user experience.

Evolving with your needs

Receive ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your store design stays up-to-date and continues to perform well.

True to yourself

Increase your store's credibility and customer trust by booking a professional and visually appealing design.

Find or create your dream store design with CloudCart.