SEO tools for your online store

Drive more organic search traffic and present the perfect search experience with the help of your new SEO-enabled online shop

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Fix your crawl budget

CloudCart's techology creates the necessary cannonicalization for the main pages of your store. This guarantees the correct indexation of the most important eCommerce pages.

Optimization for more sales

eCommerce SEO optimization will provide you with excellent search engine positions, with no compromise over store design or functionality.

SEO-friendly links

Short link slugs help you to simplify your URL addresses and save place in the browser's address bar, showing a mnemonic name of the current eCommerce page.

Icon structured data

Every CloudCart online store has the necessary atributes from for better data description, like: business, product, price, title, description, images and more.

SEO-optimized images

With our automatic optimisation of products pictures, you will be more competitive in Google image search.

Deindex filters

This useful tool lets you set which pages are allowed for search engines crawling & indexing so you can improve your ranking.

Loading speed optimization

Take advantage of the optimised code (Javasript & CSS), which all CloudCart online shops have.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

All CloudCart websites are part of the multilfunctional CDN net - based on Google Cloud infrastructure for static content delivery.

Automated Sitemap.xml & Robots.txt

By having these, you tell Google and the rest of the search engines how your online store is organized. This allows the engines to craw the site easier and faster.

Meta title & description

You can easily manage your store's META (title & descriptions) of all eCommerce pages: products, categories, brands, static or landing pages and home page.

Redirects management

Keep all indexed links from your old eCommerce store and redirect them to your new one in CloudCart, using 301 redirects. This will properly navigate your users & search engines to the new pages.

Content management

Use RSS feeds to let users & partners easily follow the news and information from your brand. This also distributes your content easier to search engines & helps with faster indexation of multiple pages.

Hundreds of services & functionalities of your business under one roof

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