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CloudCart GDPR

CloudCart GDPR module developed to keep your users' data safe. Expand to Europe without a hassle and keep your online presence GDPR ready.

What is GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short, is a regulatory EU law which sets the rules for data protection for all European Economic Area States.

It is mandatory for every eCommerce site to ask for consent for user data collection, as well as to notify users about the site’s use of cookies. This application is key for any merchant who wants to cater to EU customers.

Advantages of CloudCart GDPR

Keeps your store GDPR compliant

In case GDPR regulations change, you won’t have to amend your store, the application will do it for you + notify you of the changes.

Works with your Marketing Suite Activities

The GDPR module synergizes with all of your Marketing pop-up forms and on-website activities to ensure full customer consent.

Allows you to sell to EU Country Member Customers

By being compliant with EU regulations, your CloudCart store can comfortably sell to domestic and international customers.

Makes data collection safe

CloudCart GDPR provides a secure way for you to track and keep customer site usage information. This data helps you target users more accurately - all done with their consent.

Keeps your business safe

EU regulatory organs keep an eye-out for websites which do not apply GDPR properly. They are fined and restricted until compliant. With CloudCart you won’t have to worry about fines.

Key Features

Here’s why we created CloudCart GDPR and why every merchant has it.

Block Cookies with 'Prior Consent'

This option allows you to block cookies being placed in your users’ device before them consenting to it. It’s a fantastic option which helps you keep your store compliant.

Updates Terms and Conditions

Once installed, the application will amend your existing terms and conditions, or create new ones if you do not have a page set up. You can disable this and place your own Terms and Conditions in cases where you find it applicable.

Privacy Policy

This document will be automatically generated and placed as a possible static page for you to choose. It is not mandatory for customers to consent to it, though it's advisable to have it present on the site.

We use "Cookies" Wall

The cookies wall makes sure that any user entering your store will have to acknowledge your Privacy policy, Cookie policy and any other document you deem important.

Declaration of Consent to the Processing of Personal Data

Upon generation, this document will be displayed as a part of the Cookie Wall. Customers who consent to it will be lawfully subjected to marketing.

User Registration

This section pops up in your Admin Panel. In it you can choose what sort of consent to request from your customers upon registration. Make it mandatory or optional - either way you are GDPR compliant.

Contact Form

The contact form is used by your customers to request contact with your representatives. You have full control over what it says and asks for as well as what sort of documentation your users have to consent to, including Privacy Statement.

Subscribed to the Newsletter

Newsletters are a fantastic way for your customers to keep up to date with what your store has to offer. Apply any terms of conditions or Privacy Statements when users are subscribing.

Completing an Order

The GDPR application automatically attaches a Terms of Service consent request to your Order Completion page. It’s mandatory by EU regulation for all eCommerce stores to do so.

Cookie Preference

Your users can select which cookies they’d prefer be placed on their devices and which to opt out of. This makes it so customers are fully aware of what sort of data collection they are subject to.

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