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The Order Management System that Actually Saves Time

Scale faster, smarter, and avoid the hassle that business growth brings. Manage orders with a simplified and useful order management system that increases the productivity and deliverability of your online business.

Advantages of CloudCart Order Management

The order management system made to help
your online business grow.


More orders processed by a single store operator.


Suitable for small, growing and large businesses.

One single place

Manage large amounts of data from one single place.


Filter your orders with specific requirements to find what you need.

Quick search

Find specific orders by tracking numbers or other variables.

One-click Order

Enable this to request only an email for checkout completion.

Order Management
Key Features

The checkout process that empowers merchants and helps them achieve a conversion rate
of 21%. Make adjustments as you go and see what best fits your business model.

Add or Remove Products

You can change the contents of a customer order even after it has been paid - this is how the returns system works. All changes made from your side can be sent to the customer via email notification.

Take Orders by Phone

Some customers prefer to finalize their orders with a phone call. CloudCart’s system supports merchants with call centers or those with fulfillment center contractors and allows for phone number embedding into the website code. GDPR compliant

Risk assessment

Your CloudCart store compares the customer shipping address versus the order IP address. In cases where the two addresses don’t match, it’s best to call the customer to confirm if the info is correct.

Anti-fraud Tools

In the orders management tab, you can easily see the customer’s address visualized by an already integrated Google Maps API. CloudCart’s security system also checks and verifies the customer’s IP address to determine if they are safe to work with.

Invoicing Engine

Generatе an invoice from your CloudCart store with a single click.

Automatic customer invoicing

Reduce the time spent dealing with invoices and use the automatic customer invoice generator. Send them to your customers via email and print them out for yourself.

Fact checker

Your CloudCart store has an invoice fact checker to ensure all the submitted details are correct and follow all local and EU legal requirements.

Invoice finder

Find the invoice you are looking for with ease. Get what you need and reduce the time spent dealing with administrating your store.

Credit notes Creator

CloudCart's credit notes feature allows merchants to create and manage credit notes for their customers directly from their CloudCart dashboard.

Uses of CloudCart Credit Notes
  • Partial or full refunds
  • Efficient refunding
  • Customer credit history
  • Transparency

Add Discount to Order

Make refunds less likely by adding a flat fee discount or a percentage discount. Apply it to the entire order or a particular product and surprise your customer with a lower price than they expected.

Ordered products

See and manage ordered products for the day. Print detailed Pick-up sheets and send them to any warehouse you are working with to ensure all orders are fulfilled properly.

Uses for Ordered Products Management
  • Export by date interval
  • Export by property
  • Export by order ID
  • Export by order status

Monthly NRA Audit File Generation

CloudCart helps you make the mandatory monthly NRA audits a breeze. Escape the challenge that most eCommerce businesses face each fiscal month and use your store’s standardized audit file generator.

Uses of the NRA Audit File Generator
  • Easy monthly reports submission
  • Regulation compliant
  • Automatic XML file creation
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Accurate reporting

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