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Buy Now Pay Later

Empower your Customers with Buy Now, Pay Later - Offer Leasing and Boost Sales Today!

What is Buy Now Pay Later

Point of sale installment loans, or Buy Now Pay Later, are a type of customer financing services that allow customers to buy any product from your CloudCart store and pay its value in the future.

Advantages of Buy Now Pay Later

Transparent, safe and easy customer financing for more conversions

Increased volume of sales

By enabling point of sale installment loans in your store, you allow customers to spend more and thus you increase your volume of sales.

Less risk

Lease payments are paid out by the bank in full and directly to the merchant once their customer has been approved, which means less risk for the online store.

Customers can buy more expensive products

With consumer financing, you allow the customer to buy expensive products which they would otherwise not be able to afford.

More payment options

By enabling Buy Now Pay Later, you provide additional payment options which cover a wider range of customer payment preferences.

Increased customer trust

Online stores who partner with reputable banking institutions are seen as more trustworthy when compared to those who only have “Cash on Delivery”.

Suitable for stores with expensive products

Online stores selling products such as electronic goods, clothing and sports equipment, are more likely to sell more if they integrate Buy Now Pay Later.

How do Short-Term Loans Work

CloudCart customer leasing provides an #easy and #affordable way for customers to access #high-priced products, while also providing merchants with a way to increase sales and reach a broader customer base.

Step 1

Merchant signs a contract with lease payment providers

Step 2

Integration of payment method into store. Method goes live.

Step 3

Customer picks product and chooses lease payment provider.

Step 4

Customer picks preferred installment period and amount with credit calculator.

Step 5

Customer submits required documents to leasing institution.

Step 6


Step 7

Customer and leasing institution sign a contract.

Step 8

Store receives full payment for customer goods.

Step 9

Store sends out the ordered product.

Step 10

Customer receives order with installment payments.

CloudCart has partnered with several reputable and trusted
institutions, such as:

Automating Lease Payments

Fully automate your consumer financing with SmartUCF. All leasing calculations are done in real-time and without an intermediary which means your customers can receive financing faster than other methods.

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