Your Online Store’s Powerful A.I.
Identifies People Across Devices

Never send the same message to the same person ever again. With CloudCart A.I you can guarantee that you know who you are sending your messages to. Get a better reputation with users and streamline your approach.


User Identification Regardless of Sessions, Devices or I.P.

Regardless of device, number of sessions or location, your store’s A.I. can pinpoint exactly who is browsing your store and assign a special ID to them.

Supreme Control Over your Marketing Approach

Find the best way to target a user based on the data your A.I. store assistant gives you. Learn what links brought them to your store and target them using your marketing suite’s toolset.

Make the Most of Every User’s Time

Use the precise method of contacting a subscriber to get the best possible effect for your marketing campaigns. Build specific campaigns and segment your users even further.

CloudCart Helps you to work less and do more.

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