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Creating an online flowers store has never been that easy! Create your new online business with just a few clicks for FREE!


Brick-and-mortar flower store or an online store?

The advantages of the physical store are that customers can see the live flowers you are selling there. Anyone who sees your flower store is a future prospective client but have you ever thought how many your actual potential customers are?

Do you know that each day hundreds of people give flowers to their loved ones? Create your own flower shop online with the flowers that you sell in your physical store. You will increase your clients base and your sales, of course!

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How to sell flowers online?
You need to follow some very simple steps to start your online flower shop and your successful business. Choose the button '' Create now '', then enter your store information and click ''Register “. Now you’ve got your own online store!

Add products
You can upload all the flowers that you’re going to sell from the "Products” section. Create a headline for the flowers, describe them in detail and select the category to each one of them. Input their price and quantity carefully, and if you need - you can make variations for them. Once you’ve ready with everything, you can upload as many photos as possible and get going.

Payments & Delivery
Choose the payment method, with which you want to receive your money, and set up the terms and fees of delivery. This will give your clients clarity about how much they should pay and how they can receive their orders.

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