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Everything you need to start selling online

CloudCart makes it easy to create a successful ecommerce website

  • Free eCommerce themes

    Start your online store with our professional eCommerce templates made by professionals. Every month 3 new eCommerce themes will be released! We promise!

  • Your own domain

    You can use your own domain name to run your online business or you can use CloudCart to buy a brand new one on a promotional price

  • Mobile eCommerce

    Your CloudCart online store comes with fully working mobile commerce storefront. You can sell online your customers on-the-go through any mobile phone or tablet.

  • and Microformats

    All CloudCart eCommerce themes comes with built-in tags for Pricing tags, titles and descriptions of your products are supported with microformats.

  • SEO Ready

    Dominate at search engines with fully and professionally optimized website. All CloudCart templates come with all necessary attributes for perfect onpage seo optimization.

  • Optimized images

    All images are pre-processed with our smart image processor for better colors, sharpness and contrast. CloudCart will optimize your image sizes but keep the image quality for faster load.

  • Powerful admin panel

    All CloudCart online stores comes with powerful and features rich admin panel. We carefully design it and constantly improve the user experience. We know that USABILITY matters

  • Customer accounts

    CloudCart supports customer account creation or guest checkout. Both methods are also available. Encourage your customers to create their accounts to increase sales volume.

  • Built-in CRM

    Learn how much your customers spend with you and what are their recent orders. You can organize your customers in Groups, Tags, Adding notes and track orders and payments.

  • Order management

    View and manage single or multiple orders. Print fulfilment label and issue an invoice. Overview history of the order for any changes and payment statuses.

  • Email notifications

    Be in touch with your customers by automatic email notifications. CloudCart will send your customers notification for their orders, fulfilment statuses and other related activities.

  • Order fulfillment

    With CloudCart fulfillment of an order is like a child game. With a single click of a button you can fulfill the entire order, assign tracking information and print fulfilment label.

  • Multi-currency

    Choose from 50+ worldwide currencies supported by CloudCart. Start your online eCommerce business with your local country currency.

  • Multi-language

    CloudCart constantly add new languages. If you can not find your own language you can easily translate your storefront into your native language.

  • Useful filters

    Filters provide a convenient way to search through your online store catalog. With CloudCart, you can easily create custom filters based on any feature.

  • Tax and Regions management

    Based on your location, CloudCart will automatically create country tax rates and create major regions in your country.

  • 10 + payment gateways

    We have a dedicated integrations team working constantly into integrations with third party payment providers. We release every month at least one payment provider.

  • Inventory management

    Managing your inventory with CloudCart is easy. Track quantity availability and stop selling products when inventory runs out.

  • Digital products

    Sell your digital goods online with powerful platform. Your CloudCart online store comes with built-in digital product feature. Your digital files are in safe with us. You can even sell digital and physical goods in one online store.

  • Product variations

    Showcase your items with variations like color, size, fabric or other. Each variation can have its own price, SKU, inventory, barcode, weight, image

  • Import products

    If you are existing merchant and want to move to CloudCart, you can use our friendly tool to import all your products, customers, brands and categories using a CSV file.

  • SEO product tags

    Prepare all your pages for better search engine result by adding meta tags, titles and description. With SEO-friendly URLs and built-in sitemaps, your online shop will always take top ranks in search results!

  • Brands management

    Manage your vendors and add their logo, name and description. Later you can assign each of your products by vendor. This will help you to better organize your online store.

  • Product organizer

    Organize your products by categories, by brands, sale, assign unlimited tags. Help your customers find a collection of products that work together or depend on a season.

  • Search engine optimized

    Our search engine optimization gives you higher rankings and better visibility, meaning more organic traffic to your online store. Includes sitemap generator, robots.txt management and customizable URLs.

  • Google Adwords credits

    Drive more paid traffic and redeem your $100 Google adwords voucher if you spend $25 with Google.

  • Website sitemap.xml

    CloudCart is armed with powerful sitemap generator which will automatically generate sitemap for your categories, vendors and products.

  • Social media integrations

    Thanks to AddThis, all CloudCart online stores include social media integrations, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and 50+ more

  • Email marketing

    Get to know your customers. Send highly targeted email campaign and measure your eCommerce website performance.

  • Discount codes and coupons

    With CloudCart you can create Time-limited promotions, trackable coupon codes, free or discounted shipping, customer groups with pricing rules, minimum quantity purchases and many more.

  • On sale management

    Manage your time-limited On Sale inventory and bulk discount pricing by category, country region or customer group.

  • Built-in content managements

    Your online store comes with built-in CMS, meaning you can create unlimited pages and add dynamic content at any time.

  • Built-in blog comments

    Arm your eCommerce website with a blog or news section. Post eCommerce related articles or best practices to build your loyal customer audience which will help you to drive more traffic and orders.

  • Google analytics integration

    Google Analytics is powerful but hard to understand and complicated tool. So we've invest our time to integrate Google Analytics directly at your CloudCart Dashboard and overview your online store performance.

  • Customer cart tracking

    CloudCart will measure all your orders and give you detailed information about your conversions.

  • Abandoned orders

    Increase your income by recovering orders with our powerful recovery tool. CloudCart will send an email notification to each of your customers encouraging them to come back.

  • Dashboard overview

    Improve conversion rates and manage your store like a professional. Dashboard will give you a detailed overview of your sore performance such as: Orders, Sales, Income, Top customers, Best products, Products with minimum quantity or out of stock products.

  • Sales reports

    Use complex or simple filters to see how your sales do day-to-day, month-to-month or anything in between to make better decisions.

  • Product performance

    Analyze and gain insight into your online store's growth by days, weeks or even months.. See which products are selling and which ones are not

  • Income & Tax reports

    Measure income and see how your income is growing trough the time

  • Customers performance

    CloudCart gives you a detailed report of all your customers. Their orders, volume of revenue, and income, number of orders and many more.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

    Your store comes with unlimited bandwidth for all our customers. This means while using CloudCart will not have any limitations and restrictions about your traffic.

  • SSL Certificate

    Every single store created with CloudCart by default will be protected with 256-bit shared SSL certificate, protecting your store and customers data.

  • PCI-DSS compliant

    CloudCart is PCI-DSS compliant, meaning all created online store are covered by this certificate. So you don't need to worry about hackers.

  • CDN in 55+locations

    No matter where your shoppers are, your online store will load fast. This means better search ranking results and more sales.

  • Instant replications

    Your files are securely stored into the Cloud. We build our storage network to replicate all uploaded files to several locations across the globe, meaning no chances to lose a file.

  • Cloud infrastructure

    CloudCart is designed for massive traffic and can handle huge, consistent traffic, so we have you covered no matter how big and successful your eCommerce business is.

  • Dedicated Professionals

    We care about your online store, that is why we have dedicated system administrators, technical gurus and support agents available to help you 24/7/365

  • Knowledge base platforms

    We constantly update our knowledge base to keep it fresh and up to date. Find frequently asked questions, Tutorials and How to articles.

  • Discussion forums

    Meet other store owners and exchange ideas. share your experience and receive feedback about your plans. CloudCart forums is ideal place to meet kindred spirits.

  • CloudCart professionals

    Work with a CloudCart approved eCommerce professionals who can help make your online store a huge success.


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