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професионални шаблони за онлайн магазин

Free designs for your online store

We offer you professionally modeled and extremely function designs for your online store.

възможност за собствен домейн

Opportunity to get your own domain

You can select an original name for your domain and get it registered through our website.

адаптивен дизайн за мобилни устройства

The mobile version of your online store

The mobile version is optimized online store, specifically made for usage of the variety of mobile devices.

Microformats from

These are extended snippets in the search results. They apply to different types of content such as events, video, people, products, reviews, local businesses, recipes, rating, etc. Applying more specific data will be extremely useful for the optimization of your website.Your customers will be able to understand better your website and what you are offering. Screen reader support enabled.

OnPage SEO optimized online store

This is an internal optimization of your website. It ensures a fast return on the invested money. Applies modifications of your text, keywords, titles, paragraphs, images, SEO friendly links and other important factors that have an influence on your web page. OnPage SEO optimized online store is structured by the latest standards of the major Internet search engines so that your store would appear at the forefront. Screen reader support enabled.

Optimization of png and jpg images

Your online store can delay when loading if you have many images with bigger size.The right choice of images format is essential if you want your website to load faster.

Optimized payment process

We managed every payment process to be comfortable as possible.You don't have to spend valuable time on filling extra information. With just a click, you can activate various of payment methods, that CloudCart provides. Screen reader support enabled.

Simple navigation process

You can manage your store without having any technical background, with our simple and easy to use menu, placed on the left side of your web page. There you can find menus with submenus, which you can use to configure your store. Working with them is easy as a child's play. Screen reader support enabled.


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