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What are the disadvantages of selling only in Facebook?

You won't be able to follow all of your clients details as their names, address registrations, e-mails and phones.It will be hard for you to manage all of your orders, where the chance to make a mistake is higher. Make your business profitable through your own online store.

Sell with Facebook through your online store at CloudCart!

The social network is a great solution for selling your products, but it will never be enough for you. We can offer you to sell in Facebook through your own online store. We know that your customer are in the social network channels, but we also know that managing your orders in Facebook is hard where there is not a CRM. When you are selling in Facebook you receive your orders over the phone or at your Facebook Wall.

What are the advantages of selling through your own online store?

From the moment you register your online store, you will get a detailed information about your clients. You will be able to see your clients orders, new registrations and abandoned orders, which you could turn to completed orders. With the integrated Google Analyticsin of your Admin Panel you can see all the visitors of your online store.

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