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Why is CloudCart better than all other Open Source platforms?

Why is CloudCart better than all other Open Source platforms?

What is Open Source and what –  SaaS?

Open source also known as „open code“ is a software, in which the outside code is available for editing and sharing from anyone. Its opposite is SaaS (Software as a service), which is CloudCart. This software has a license, with central hosting, and works as a subscription.

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two models from the eCommerce perspective.  

Cheap is actually expensive

Many people think that open source software is automatically for free. Creating web pages on an open platform is free but only in theory. Creating a business in this way is far more complicated. It requires specific programming knowledge and also working with a specialist, which can be time-consuming and expensive. 

Let’s compare this process with a trip to a foreign destination.

Costco Boisbriand – French-Inspired Steak

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For business owners looking for the right customers, a Costco is a great place to start. They offer a wide variety of merchandise, including electronics and bulk groceries. For many families, this is the place to go for affordable, high-quality items. If you’re looking for a way to save money and increase your profits, Costco is the perfect place to visit. You can also get all of your groceries at a great price and save money by joining Costco.

Open source platforms provide you with free airline tickets, but what about other travel expenses? You can’t survive without arranged shelter and food, as an All Inclusive vacation would provide you, with which we would compare the SaaS platform. Thus, the business website requires additional funds to operate. We will now list some of them.

1. The domain

To start your e-business, you should first think about the domain. This is the base on which any well-functioning site is built. This initial investment can range from BGN 4 to BGN 50,000 per year. And this is only the beginning. Even with this first necessary step, your budget has already been reduced.

2. Hosting

Combined with the domain, your online store also needs the “hosting” service. It is controlled by the suppliers and is responsible for the maintenance  of the site online. It is for free. Yes, there are much cheaper providers of this service but they possess greater risk of hackers or other unwanted attacks. The good server costs between 20 to 1000 levas per month. 

3. SSL certificate and protection

Why is CloudCart better than all other Open Source platforms?On the CloudCart platform you can find numerous texts and information on the SSL certificate. It is a special code which makes the website legitimate and provides a basic security of the users’ data. Its price depends on the information capacity.  It is important to invest in it because Google does not include sites without the certificate in its search engine. And the protection itself can cost up to 400 levas when it is completed.  

More security is never unnecessary. The Open source platform WordPress uses protection in the form of “plugins”, that should be stacked in order to reach better efficiency.

With many of them there is a one- time payment but the cost can reach hundreds of levas. Other plugins require subscription. The price then becomes much higher, and the protection is still much more insufficient than the integrated security system ones. 

You are maybe wondering if this protection is even worth the efforts? It is a component that requires special attention. Even the simplest hack can cause chaos and massive loss of data, time and money. 

4. Design

Why is CloudCart better than all other Open Source platforms?In many cases it is limited. To develop your business, you will need a much more complex and safer design that can better represent your brand.

5. Functions

We have mentioned the basic components that require attention and resources. But so far the site is far from completed. Many of the features that make a website “user-friendly” or enjoyable and easy to use are still missing. For starters, it’s a good idea to include a forum and a comment section for better communication with your customers. 

The Help centre is a service that tightens the connection between the merchant and the customer.  

Do not forget the search bar – a basic, but one of the most used functions. 

There are also greater opportunities such as the  SEO optimisation – an innovative way of finishing an order and applications for third-parties connection, that only the  SaaS software can suggest. 

Why choosing CloudCart?

All the above mentioned features are easy and quickly to use thanks to our developed platform. With CloudCart you do not have to worry about payments for the separate components. As our customer, we provide you with a range of functionalities with just one investition.

The platform constantly upgrades itself. Every functionality is automatically added to the subscription and it does not require any additional payments. 

By using CloudCart, you can control every aspect of your business from one place.  Our platform and its navigation are easy to use and the processes are automated.

You are not required to be a programmer or a designer to manage your online store by yourself. You are independent and have access to all resources to get the maximum results.

The resources are:

  • Help centre – a  huge amount of articles and video tutorials for working with the platform,
  • electronic papers with marketing and management advices, a blog with useful expert advices on eCommerce,
  • Facebook group with businessmen like you, with which you can share your experience,
  • a supportive team, always ready to help you. 

This will not only save you the efforts, but also a lot of time and human labor. You will have the opportunity to skip all the tedious procedures associated with building a website and focus on your ideas and development plans.

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