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Which important functionalities and modules help you build a more successful online store?


Building an effective online store is not an easy task. Before you get to sales, you need to think about a bunch of things to ensure that you do business properly.

It’s a good idea to consider a few things about your online shop: the security of the store, ways to attract new customers, features for easy shopping, marketing strategies for successful branding, integrations for easy inventory and order management.

CloudCart‘s philosophy is to deprive customers of these issues by providing a platform with automated processes which allows them to focus on their sales. How? By making it easier to change the content in the store, to add a new one, to build an unlimited number of landing pages so that the products are presented in the best way.

With the creation of new modules and functionalities, we aim to make your online store distinctive and successful. We present you the latest modules that we have made and can be added to the visual page editor.

Product Details

A quality and focused presentation of a product is important for consumers, because it allows them to understand more about the product’s features and performance. If the description is motivating and well structured, it is very likely to encourage the customer to buy. With the new module “Product Details”, building a landing page focusing on the product itself is faster and easier.

Add to Cart button

The presence of this button saves a few steps for customers and prevents them from giving up buying. It used to be difficult to add an “Add to cart” button to a product but CloudCart makes it possible and very easy to construct an entire page with cart buttons for each product. From a marketing standpoint, this increases the possibility of more sales.

Link button

We found the need for another more convenient module – a visual button in the colour of your theme, containing a link to direct users to a desired action. Such an action could be, for example, seeing a new collection, a detailed description of the product, reading a blog article or something else, in accordance with your goals.

Marketing in Instagram

You know that Instagram is an important channel for the marketing goals of every brand, due to the high commitment of people. You can find more about what successful practices you can apply and how to connect your CloudCart store to Instagram here.

Yotpo Comments

One of the successful strategies for developing a good online business is to manage the feedback from your customers. The good news is that CloudCart has an integration with Yotpo – a platform for sharing comments and reviews. You can easily add Yotpo to the product page so that your customers can read and write feedback. In addition, customers will be able to quickly rate a product with a 5-star system.

Product packages (Bundle Deals)

Product packages are a combination of several separate products or services that you can sell as a common package. In CloudCart you can easily set which products are offered together and implement a marketing strategy to increase your sales. See more here.

Blog articles

Articles are important for an online store, especially when you build an identity. They give customers more information about the brand, the use of the products, detailed characteristics of how these products change the consumer’s way of life. Articles can also be used in marketing strategies to increase sales.

Expect more useful materials with marketing tips, as well as new features in the CloudCart platform.

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