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How to Boost Your Sales with 100% by Understanding Your Customers?

understanding your customers

Before we start, it’s crustal to highlight the importance of understanding your customers, because this approach will immediately improve your conversion rates.
Have you ever wondered if you just knew who is your customers, how much better you could sell your products to them? Have you ever wondered why some people sell better than others?
In this article, we will take the things a step further into understanding our customers. By the end of this article you will be able to make more sales, more conversions just by learning more and understanding your customers better. So let’s get started.

In this article, we will take the things a step further into understanding our customers. By the end of this article you will be able to make more sales, more conversions just by learning more and understanding your customers better. So let’s get started.

Let us ask you a question. Let’s say that you are walking on the street and suddenly you see a 1000$ bill, would you pick it up? Obviously, you would. Actually, we all would do it. Because hey, who wouldn’t like to make more profit, particularly when it’s so easy.
When you figure out how to comprehend your clients, it resembles finding on the road paved in $100 bills. I’ll clarify how, but let’s first begin from the earliest point. Have you asked yourself “How Well Do I Know My Customers? “

At this moment there’s a huge disconnect which has always been an issue for the internet e-commerce stores. Usually you never see your clients face to face, and for the most part, you don’t speak to them, so it’s difficult to understand them.

Without a doubt, you can observe Google Analytics and Mixpanel throughout the day to attempt to interpret their conduct; however, it will never be the same as when a retailer can really speak with their clients and judge the appearance on their faces.

Despite the fact that we are physically isolated from our clients, we are in the 21st century! We ought to have the capacity to leverage some tech application or gizmo to take care of this issue. While we can, the vast majority of us still don’t. So here are the significant reasons why stores experience serious difficulties to understand their clients:


A Lack of Effort
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Most of the stores don’t try to understand their customers, whether it is because they don’t care of because they don’t know the benefits, they just don’t care. They set up their store, begin accepting requests and let destiny choose the rest.

Reading this ought to make your skin crawl as a business person! You ought to do your best to improve this.Statistical Insights demonstrate that more than 95% of the clients won’t give any feedback at all, implying that store proprietors are basically working blindly.

Of course, you may do well, however, might you be able to improve a couple of minor changes? This is identical to strolling a narrow way in a blindfold, with a cliff on your left side and a pot of gold on the right. Just expelling the blindfold will let you know precisely where you need to be heading. Understanding your clients evacuates that blindfold.


A Lack of Customization


Most solutions out there take after two extremely typical rating frameworks: 5 stars, or Net Promoter Score (NPS). The issue with these is that they give no genuine meaning to a store proprietor. Of course, it’s incredible in case that you have all five stars, or an immaculate NPS rating, however, what does it truly let you know?

It’s proportional to getting back a test with only a “pass” or “fail” written on it. Be that as it may, where did I turn out badly? What would I be able to have improved? Did I get full marks on that one question? What area did I improve better on?

While this is a stage in the correct course (i.e. better than nothing), it does not have all custom insights that a store may need. One store might need to know whether their requests are arriving securely, while another may just think about their store’s appearance.

When you can begin asking the correct questions, you can begin finding the correct solutions. Each store is distinctive, and in this way needs to know diverse different insights.


A Band-Aid Solution


A considerable numbers of stores will attempt to solve one little bit of the issue. For instance, you will see widgets on a significant numbers of sites asking “to chat “, while another site may offer you “20% off your first request to be a subscriber”, and another will send a written by hand card to say thanks with your order.
In case you’re looking through a pin-hole, you’ll just get a bit of the whole photo.

This is the reason stores ought to give it their best shot to keep away from a band-aid solution and handle the entire issue. Continuously have your eye on the prize: connect with clients, understand them, and offer more.


What You Have To Gain

Remember that road of $100 bills I was referring to before? While a literal road would be decent, these advantages are the e-commerce business equivalent, all just from having the capacity to understand your clients.


Stop The Leaky Bucket

Whether you can see it or not, your store is a bucket… with some holes in it. Guests pour in from everywhere throughout the web, however unfortunately, most are spilling out before purchasing anything. Understanding your clients is an approach to distinguish what is working and what isn’t, and roll out the improvements necessary to plug as many gaps as possible.

The more comprehensive your understanding is, the fewer gaps in your pail, and the more cash you will make. Envision every one of those $100 bills that would have never remained in your pail! We find that the more straightforward it is for your clients to communicate, the more you will hear from.

That is the reason why you should find solutions to ask every time a customer make a purchase how do they fell and was is smooth and nice the purchase process. The information you will get from that it is just priceless.


Existing Customers
When you attempt to comprehend your clients, they definitely will take a notice. They see that you really welcome them, and are thinking about their assessments to manufacture a superior service for them. Much the same as you and I, everybody likes to feel unique.

It’s a similar way you can’t resist the urge to smile when some person says “thank you,” but amplified. This will encourage a dedicated community, more repeatable purchases, and a bigger number of referrals. This is the place where each of those free $100 bills come into the game!

It costs 6-7x more to get another client than it does to keep a current one, so why not put a large amount of effort into keeping the clients you’ve effectively sold? Try not to leave cash on the table here!


Future Customers

When you comprehend your present client base, you can reveal an enormous amount of bits of knowledge about who your target market truly is. This can find which niches to additionally investigate, who may be the most profitable demographic, and how to contact them. That approach implies more clients and income.

This is something fortune 500 organizations burn millions on because they understand the fact this approach is the most powerful. Fortunately the technological innovations permit even the smallest of online stores to compete!


The Art of the Upsell

Since you are connecting in with your clients, it is an extraordinary chance to hit them with some marketing strategies. You can transform each bit of communication into a conceivably profitable one! One I have observed to be greatly viable is to give them a bonus, with an expiration date on it, to attempt and get them once again into your store rapidly.


Where To Start
Yes, this is somewhat of an overwhelming task. Particularly in case that you aren’t doing anything at this moment to understand your clients. In any case, don’t stress, we have guidance for each step of the process.


Start small, since anything you do makes a difference. In case that you don’t have a ton of clients and aren’t hoping to spend much/any cash, consider doing it manually. A couple of things you could attempt…

1) Create a short survey on SurveyMonkey and send a personal email with the survey to each client after purchase.
2) Write a customized thank you note and submit it in every purchase, requesting for feedback toward the end.
3) Pick up the telephone and call some of your clients to see what they thought. Believe me, they’ll be cheerful to get notification from you.
4) Post small surveys on your web-based social networking page to gage interest on particular subjects.
I know, it’s hard to do this all by hand. So in case you’re excessively occupied for that, you have to begin utilizing a few tools. There are a lot of extraordinary applications out there, at all unique price points, so ensure you do your examination.

Here is what you ought to be looking for in a tool:

1) Contact each and every client (this proactivity is critical!)
2) Dead easy to complete the feedback
3) Fully adaptable to any browsers, so you can get the bits of knowledge you need
4) Provide analytics, so you can without much of a stretch comprehend their findings
5) Incorporate some upsell strategies to boost more purchases
6) Cost effective, and demon proved ROI


Of course there is always a space for more if we want to understand our customers! That is the reason I have a couple of tips in case that you need to get truly progressed.

1) Hire a firm, similar to, to leverage your information and get some profound analytics on who your clients are.
2) Hire someone to call your clients who write in support tickets and ensure they are entirely fulfilled.
3) Have a role devoted to dealing with your web- social media and online notoriety to ensure you are giving off your desired brand image.

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