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The dirty secrets of creating a global brand name for your e-commerce store.


In this article, we will look at some brand name ideas. So this is specifically for your e-commerce store if you want to come up with a name and better positioning for your brand or if you want to check whether your brand is already well positioned so you can improve it.

We will go really deep into some insight into how to figure out what that name is, and what are the little secrets that the big companies use for their names and the way they position their story which is crucial for your name and brand.

After reading this article, you will know the secrets of why companies like Apple, Google or Amazon are so memorable and how their names actually made billions for them without investing so much in advertisements and what is the secret strategy they use for their brand names and story.

So now let us look at the initial idea phase to understand the direction that you are going to go when coming up with your brand name.


So the first direction when it comes to your brand names is to use a benefit driven name.

So this is basically naming the brand after what it does as a result.


Allow us to look at some specific examples here:

  1. Let take “Huggies” for example – Their brand name specifically “tells you” that they hug your butt.



  1. “Hefty” it’s a big strong back one a day vitamins you take one day.



  1. “One a day” Vitamins – where you take one vitamin a day



  1. FitBit – the name speaks perfectly well for itself



So we are talking about brands that sort of brand names that describe the benefits of ownership of the product. And that’s a really great way to go, and you can see a lot of big successful brands doing exactly that.


Another way to go is to be completely unique


That means to come up with a word that nobody has ever heard of and it is sort of unique for your industry. For example, if you look at “Apple,” of course people have heard of “Apple” before, but nobody has heard of any computer company called “Apple”.  Or never has been a company from that industry named after a fruit for that matter.

“Zappos”, “Pixar” or “Google” they are also really unique. And if you want to go for the uniqueness make sure that your name is really short and simple one word. That is really kind of the best if you want to have a unique brand name that has never been heard of before that sort. If you want to be really unique in your industry, then you definitely need that one word.


Another way to go for your brand name it to choose a personality driven name.

And you can see a lot of big brands that are going personality driven names, so essentially naming the brand after an actual personality that exists or creating a personality for the brand can be really profitable and exciting idea.

  • For example, let us look at McDonald’s.


Probably everyone can associate this name with Ronald McDonald because that is the personality that they have created.


  • Or have a look at “Burger King”


They are the one who created the King


  • Or let us look at Wendy’s



Basically, almost all the fast food seems to be personality driven.


  • Or “Beats by Dr. Dre” headphones



They seem to be working pretty well, and it is an excellent example of a personality driven product that is just doing amazing right now.


  • “Ralph Lauren” is also personality driven product.




And if you can create personality driven products, I personally think that that is a fantastic way to go. And if you can do that then that would be totally perfect for you.



Another way you can go is being COOL and HIP.

Actually, a lot of brands go this way and they choose names that are either cool or hip, or both combined.

  • For example “Skull Candy”



They are very popular now for headphones, and they are doing really well, and it’s sort of a cool thing.


  • “Adidas” or “Pepsi”pic-12-wikipedia-min

All of their commercials and brandings is kind of hippy.


  • Starbucks



When “Starbucks” first came out, it was cool and hip, and that’s really the approach that they took. And you can see the people that are there are looking cool and hip. The name, logo, and design are really cool.


You can combine few approaches at once.

Let us look for example at few branding names.

  • Toms – one for one.



Toms is the shoe company and it’s sort of cool and sort of hip it’s named after a guy and does a charity thing (which is another way to go together where you are a charity driven brand, and the message and the ethos behind your brand is that you are doing good for the world in addition to doing commerce, and that’s a cool way to go.)


  • Virgin


This is another combination brand, and they are really hip, really cool and have a really great design. They also have the personality of a Richard Branson behind their brand so you can combine these approaches and they will work as efficiently as if you use just one of them.



 So the things that you must remember for your brand name is that:

– It must be easy to say

– It must be easy to spell

– It must be easy to remember

And what you would like to think about brands is that you want to be sticky. You want to stick in people’s mind either because your logo stood out or the brand name was cool, or you are saying something that means something to your potential prospects. Or its ownership is driven where it is about a brand name that relates to the benefits of owning the product.

So when you are starting to think about what your brand name is going to be for your product line you want to pick one of this directions or combination of these directions and sort of move in that direction. Keep in mind those ideas, and you will definitely go into the right direction to make an incredible impact.

And now let’s go even deeper into how to craft a story in your brand message. We will get more profound insights into the deeper levels of a brand building. And when you are figuring out what your brand is going to you really ought to have a mission, a story and a purpose for your brand beyond just like selling some stuff on your online store. The reason for this is that people will be more willing to buy from you because they will feel more connected to you, even if you are selling at higher prices.

And I understand that you might be in the spot of needing to make some money and needing to feed your family or pay your bills and your motivation at this point may only be to make some money. But as you go on and as you make money, you are going to have the desire to have some level of value to the industry and to the market beyond just selling stuff. And this is not for required for right now, but at least it is something that you can start thinking about to make your store more profitable for you.


The three components you need to cover to make your brand from average to Pro are:

  1. Mission
  2. Story
  3. Purpose

What you need to know is what you are different from everyone else who’s selling a similar product. Moreover, you have to be able to tell people who you are. You have to have a core story that you have about you and your brand.  So I am going to give you some examples for this as well.


So three thing that good brand has is:

  1. Branding
  2. Tagline
  3. Ethos


So you want to know what aesthetic appeals to your market. What is the imagery, the color style and so on…  so you can look at other plans to see what they are doing. Moreover, you definitely want to write a tagline that tells your story in one sentence. You can tell your entire story of your brand within a single sentence. Moreover, you want to pick some emotional response that you want to elicit into your customers. So here are some examples of that.


  • Let’s look for example:



Firs I recommend you to check them out. They are a really amazing brand, and they are doing perfectly well right now.

Differentiator: High fashion at transparent prices  – They are essentially being very transparent about where their product comes from, how much they pay for their product and what their market is (which is much different from any other fashion brands.)

Who: Young, hip, disruptors. – They want people who are for example in the millennial crowd.

Story: Radical Transparency.

Aesthetic: Pared Down. Simple. Clean. Elegant.

Tag Line: Know your factories. Know your costs. Always ask why. – this tagline tells you their whole story and just reding that tagline you already know what they are about.

Emotional Response: Revolution. – They want people to join this moment.



  • Another example is: COYUCHI.COM



Differentiator: Green. Minimally Processed. – They are not destroying the planet when they create their product

Who: Environmentally Conscious Women.

Story: Nature to home.

Esthetic: Forrest. Hand made. Pure. Clean.

Tag: Nature comes home.

Emotional Response: Mindfulness.


So I recommend that you know your mission, that you know your story, that you know your purpose and that you understand what the branding and ethos of your company is going to be. So pick up a brand, pick Ethos that you want, and create and a tagline for your brand that you are building.

So this may seem kind of a higher level brand building stuff, but eventually, you are going to want to have this in place if you want to be great Brand and not just another average brand and I know that you do want to be like that.

So I wanted to share this with you because it is something that you definitely should strive to do in your business plan and it is something that we do for all the people to help them to start heir online e-commerce. We know that it is something that it is going to make your clients feel an emotional connection with you and make them trust you so you can have more profit.

Also, keep in mind to pick a domain name that is an exact match of your brand name. Alternatively, at least as much as you can possibly do it to your brand name. Moreover, make sure that it is in the .com domain.

The domain name is the website URL and if you are unfamiliar with that is it is basically when you go to some website through your browser, then the name of that domain is the name that you type in your browser (for the sample

And don’t do .net, .us, .org and so on. The best type for you is to choose a domain name that finishes in .com because that is just more authorities. That is why you must absolutely have the exact plans in the .com at least as much as possible close to it.


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