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[PART 4] – The most helpful eCommerce tools you will need to automate your business

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This Is the point we call “The point of no return,” because by this stage you have to be already up and running and nothing can stop you. Every time you have any question just ask your free team on the CloudCart platform, and they will happily answer any of your questions in no time.

Probably there is a point that you asked yourself “But how can I automate this process? How can I make it easier for me, without having all the skills and without hiring other experts? Is it possible to do most of the important tasks by myself so I can save money and at the same time do the job as an expert?”

To all of these question, the answer is “YES.” You can create amazing designs without having coding skills. You can automate most of the processes while still making money. And we are going to show you the best resources and Softwares you can find to make your job easier for you and your customers.

We are going to show you what are the additional programs and steps you need to do if you want to do your job like a real expert. So let jump into the list.

  1. Get our FREE E-book “How to create your Online Store in less than a day and make your first sale with no budget?” – You can download the book from here . In this book, you will find all the useful advice you need to find your customers and convert them into regular customers.

How to create your Online Store in less than a day and make your first sale with no budget?

You will learn every little practical detail that you need to know about your advertising campaign and how to sell online. You will learn how to invest a small amount of money and make a big profit from your campaigns.

And the best part is that you can copy-paste step by step all the methods inside the book. Very useful for you especially if you already have to build your business and followed the business master plan we have provided for you.

If you take your online business seriously, this book is a MUST in your repertoire. Enjoy your new business, and we are waiting for you to write us about your first sales 🙂

  1. CANVA – You can find it here


This one of the best free too that will bring you the much-needed simplicity to the design process. With this FREE software, you can literally create amazing designs for EVERYTHING.

Yes, you heard us right- for everything, from beautiful posters, invitations, cards, website graphics or even multi-page presentations, e-books or your Facebook advertising designs.   All you need to do is just to use one of the ready-made templates and viola – you already have beautifully made a professional design you can customize to your specific needs.

It is for you if you find it difficult to use design software. Unless you have a designer to do the job, or if you are not graphically inclined, or if you are shrink from the complication of the photoshop this program is the best for you.

Even we – the professional designs sometimes want to get rest from the difficult heavy designs software and just use Canva as a shortcut for our designs. So you will want to use it in the future. Enjoy your new designs!

  1. SIMILAR WEB – You can find the software here This online software overview data that is split into two main categories – Website Audience and Traffic Sources.


With the audience overview, you can check the total visits to your site, the average visit duration, pages per visit and so on. You can see how your website ranks, given the global comparison, country comparison, and category comparison.
You can see the traffic per country and all the traffic sources. Also, you can see which traffic is paid and which is organic, and you can also check the traffic volumes by source.

This tool is amazing for you if you want to take a look at the search engine traffic, referrals and outgoing traffic for YOUR COMPETITORS. With this software, you have the ability to track how visitors to competitors website arrive and what is the most common keywords they search for.

You can literally export all of this information into excel sheets and manipulate all the data, and it is perfect for identifying affiliate blogs to network with and AdWords / PPC campaigns.

It will resolve the problems with identifying trends and opportunities like good blogs to target and it will inform you for your PPC campaigns. It is quick prospecting, monitoring customer engagement on clients and prospect websites. You will definitely have much more knowledge that you can usefully implement in your advertising campaigns.

Also, this software has a chrome extension that we find fantastic. It’s made for speed accurate enough insight data.

The software is paid, for at the beginning you can use their free version (and Chrome extension), it should be enough.

  1. GOOGLE ANALYTIC – This is one the most preferred web analytic tools, because of its many features. You can access it here:


Even though it is free, you can find many of the same reports you will find in expensive solutions. It has massive reporting capability, rivaling paid web analytic solutions.

It gives you important information about the types of customers who visit your page so that you can manage your content easy and effective. The statistics range reports are really huge. It not only makes basic reports, but it also allows you to dig deeper and make advanced analysis of your data results.

Google provide you with several video tutorials even if you can’t or don’t know how to use it so they can help you and teach you to use it the most effectively. Google updates the software, so it is always up to date and getting new features. You can use the mobile app to check the analytics.

Overall the software will keep tracking the visitors of your webpage, and you will know how many visitors your page has, how many of them saw your content, you will know which of the content is the most preferable and popular… just overall statistics about your page and how to manage it.

You can use the Google Analytics Tracking tool if you are using the “Basic” plan in the CloudCart Platform or any other above, but not the “Starter.”

Our advice is to give it a try; we think that it will be useful for specially if you take your online business seriously.

  1. GET SITE CONTROL – You can find it here:


One of the biggest problems that we have as an online business is to get our customers back to our website. Many tools can help us with this issue along with the several other features, but we think that GetSiteControl is amazing to start with, because it is very efficient at the most low-cost price.

This software is a little web-based tool that provides you with all visitor engagement widgets you may need. IT comes with free as well as paid plans, but the MOST essentials tools you will need are FREE.

It provides you with subscribe widgets and promo widgets pop up with a beautiful interface and very easy to customize. You can use it and aks your visitors to subscribe for 20% off for their first purchase. When you get their email you can them send the visitors promotions and make them buy again, again, and again.

The other widgets that the software provides you are follow widgets, which lets your clients o follow you on the social networks and keep in touch with you, share widgets that allows your visitors to share your content, contact widget  that lets you to add simple contact form anywhere you want, chat widget that you can use to integrate chat feature on your site and interact with the clients, survey widget that quickly help you to create surveys for your customers (For example if they find the purchase process nice and smooth, or they find id difficult to purchase)

The software provides you with many other amazing widgets that you can test by yourself and make our site great for your clients and help you to convert more customers.

  1. ACTIVE CAMPAIGN – You can access it here:


As we discussed, email marketing is the best tool for you to transform your customers into a regular. As a one-stop email marketing service, Active campaign definitely has a lot to offer you as a startup entrepreneur, including unlimited emails, third-party integrations and a lot of autoresponders.

The best part is the dynamic responses you can create making it appear as you are actually writing the emails and the emails are unique to the action the person recently took making it much more effective. There are only a handful of systems that can do this and most are a lot more expensive and less intuitive compared to the active campaign.

The big benefit is that you can get more customers because of the dynamic response features the platform provide you. You can pay from 9$ a month, and your sales will grow immediately.

Those are the six steps and programs you need to focus on. We guarantee you that if you have made it so far, for at least six months you will not need your current job and you will start to work from home or whatever destination you want. We really hope that all of those pieces of advice were of value for you and stat you will take all the needed action to succeed.

We can show you the path, but we can’t  take the steps instead of you – only you can do that. We are waiting for you to tell us about your fist sales and now its time to build your business.

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