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3 Ways To Find Products That You Can Sell Online Like Hot Cakes

3 Ways To Find Products That You Can Sell Online Like Hot Cakes
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This Part 7 article is part of the Ultimate Product Selection Guide where we show you the exact system step-by-step how to plan, search, find and sell a product online, especially if you are just starting. Even if you already have e-commerce store and your products are not selling well, and you want to learn the little tactics to find a bestselling product and measure predictable sales, then this guide is for you too.

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In this article, we are going to look at product ideas and how to find product ideas. I am going to show you the latest approach of 2017 to find product ideas. We are going to look at the 3 top websites on the internet that the biggest corporations use to find products ideas and then sell the products to the market.

With this method, you will no longer get frustrated of what people want and what to sell. You will know each and every time what the best selling product in your market are, what is the demand at this moment and you will always know what to offer to your potential customers so they can buy from you. Imagine having a crystal ball that can predict what the next best selling product in the market is – well… even if is sound a little blatant – this is what we are actually going to show you in this article.

Imagine having a crystal ball that can predict what the next best selling product in the market is – well… even if is sound a little blatant – this is what we are actually going to show you in this article. So just take a list of paper or open some document on your computer, because you are going to need it to write your product ideas inside. After reading this article, I can assure you that you will have on your list at least 20 best selling product ideas that you can start selling today.

First, we are going to start with the subcategories. Amazon is the best place for starters to go and get inspired for new products. Moreover, after that, we will go to the next two websites that you can search for new product ideas.

So basically what we are going to do is that we will go to Amazon categories architecture and then go two levels deep, then start to look at some products and scan them down and put the products that you like on your list.

Moreover, you can even go 3 or 4 levels deep if you want and you will see what I mean when we begin with this. Of course, I do not want you to censor yourself; I just want you to search for the ideas that you like, scan down and anything that’s not too expensive or complicated or oversized just put it on your list.

It does not really matter what the product is. I really don’t want you to censor yourself. I want you to let anything that comes in the mind that you might be excited about to put it on your list. At the same time follow the instructions that we have discussed in the previous articles from this product selection guide, and you will get the idea perfectly well.

It is kind of like a product brainstorming eventually, so you are going to need two things: the first thing that you are going to need is prepared spreadsheet as I mentioned already at the beginning. For example, I am always using a Google sheet when I run this process just because it is hosted and I have a Google account and I really really like Google spreadsheet so if you are using Microsoft Excel or Apple Pages or anything like that that is fine.

What you want is just some spreadsheet layout, and it does not matter where and what it is.  This spreadsheet is just about product ideas we are just going to list them going down. Moreover, what we want is 20 to 100 product ideas on your list. So let me show you how you get product ideas from Amazon and then I will show you other places where you can also get some product ideas.

So one of my favorite ways to get product ideas from Amazon is just to go to Google and type in Amazon best sellers




So what’s going to happen is that it is going to pop up the Amazon best seller list.

You are looking for ‘’, so you just click there and from here you can see all of the best sellers in all departments.




So I want to go two categories deep because remember – you do not want to be into the top categories of Amazon. Because there are already many people that are selling those products and the competition is huge – which you want to avoid.

So I’m going to go into beauty category that is a top category.



Also, so within beauty lets go for example into hair cut subcategory





That is the second category, and now you can start scanning for products, and you can even go into the third category underneath hair care. So if you start to scan for products, you can start to see kind of interesting and useful products, for example, this one.




This product fulfills all the criteria that we already discussed in the previous articles, so I would drop this product on my list. Do you realize where are we going and the power of this method, and this is just the beginning.

So as you continue scrolling you can see a lot of best-selling products that are perfect for you to start selling right now. Let us take this one also:



It is detangling hair brush that looks pretty good, and it is funny because I have friends that bought one of these recently because they have long curly hair, so I know from my experience that these things are profitable, so I will throw that on my list.

Also, after choosing some product from this category, you want to go back up and go back to main bestseller departments and then, for example, try the sports and outdoors bestseller department. And within the sports and outdoors let’s go for example go into the sports and fitness subcategory.




Then so down I can start looking at best sellers and maybe you can just jump down and look somewhere at the top 100. So you can see a lot of interesting examples there, for instance, this one:




This looks interesting, and it is a Yoga Mat and it is for some yoga, fitness or workout people, and that looks proffitable, and you can put on your list.

You can also see this knee compressor sleeve for example.




If you look at all of these products you can see that nothing is out of date. Everything that you will see is the best selling at this moment. Of course, you do not want to censor yourself, and I want you to start and grab the thing that looks right for you.

You can also see that under the sports and fitness there are a bunch of other categories that you can choose from. You may go into the golf subcategory, and you can see a lot of new things that are selling right now like this Windproof umbrella.




That is an interesting product idea, and there seems to be a couple of them on the top-sellers here. So you want to go through the categories and subcategories and look into the top hundreds and just look for potential products.

Moreover, you are not doing any analysis here; you just want to find any products that you seem exciting to you and that catch your attention. The biggest reason why I like to go into the best sellers is that I know that these products are selling right now. That is why I look only in the in the best sellers list and you can go into a couple of layers deep, search a little bit more and find the perfect product for you.

Remember that it is nice when you start to see multiple of the same type of product popping up on the best sellers list because that means that this product is really profitable and people are searching a lot for it, so you can also throw this kind of goods on your list.

So you can literally just go for days here and it will not take very long to take from 20 to 100 ideas from Amazon alone. So you can go back in the spreadsheet and throw in your ideas. The idea is to go with that much because then t will be easier for you to segment your products and choose just 2 or 3 to start with and save the others for later.

Now, I do not want you to get all these ideas from Amazon alone, because (although it will be enough), I want you to know all the best resources there are so you can have the freedom to choose from whenever you want.

I would like to show you some other places where you can get your product ideas. However, before you continue, make sure that you already have at least 10 to 20 product already in your list from Amazon.


– go ahead and start from Amazon

– go to the bestseller list

– get into the subcategories

– go at least 2 level deep

– also, then start making your list with product ideas and after you have done this then continue reading.


If you are finished with this, let me show you now the other three sources from where you can find cheap bestselling products and then sell them at a higher price and start making some money.

Where else can you figure out products that you might want to sell if you are not looking on and you want inspiration from outside Amazon? There are two more buyer engines that I would like to show you.

The first one is




Mainly what you can find here is what’s the most popular on eBay, and you can find some phenomenal stuff.  You can take a look at the home and garden category for example and take a look at what’s selling in the home and garden category on eBay.




Here you can also get great idea for some potential products. And in as you scroll here you can see pretty interesting products and what people are buying right now the most. Let’s look at this product for example:




This FlashLight has killing it, and I can tell that many people are buying it right now and it is a cheap product to start with and male sure that is going to be profitable. The system is the same, just run trough the categories and find the products that you find interesting and then put them in your spreadsheet.

So what you can do is just go through and look at what are good selling products well. Of course, you can probably see that a product that sells for $300 might not be your first product to start with. Because it is way out of the recommended price range, but it could go on the list for later when you start to make some money. So you can get really really good stuff in

And in the second place for you to look is




And this site probably has more categories than Amazon and when you look at the categories like computer and office for example:




Also, then if you go to all the subcategories that have, and all of those subcategories of subcategories and so on…. It is just crazy how much different categories there are in AliExpress of potential products that you could sell.

Let us take a look at the home and garden category again, and you can see all of the sub categories under home and garden (they are really-really a lot!)




Let us go to pet products and see what’s there ->





So then let us go under pet products, for example, the Dogs category and see what’s there




We can go even deeper and go to Dog Clothing & Shoes  =>




So you can see all the crazy kind of things you can sell. The sky is the limit!  You can really get some fantastic product ideas from looking at the category architecture of AliExpress. So anything that you could think of is probably on AliExpress.

Those are the three engines that I would like you to look at for product ideas. So now what you can do is go to your spreadsheet, and you can start adding your products in your spreadsheet. Probably so far by now, you have many product ideas that you can start selling today. Just add them on the worksheet and then choose your two or three most favorite products and save the others for later.

Overall what you want to do is between Amazon, Watchcount, and Aliexpress come up 20 to a 100 products ideas, put them on this list and sort them out. Also, again you know don’t be too hard on yourself do not be too restrictive and just let it flow and let any ideas that are good ideas that you have at this point in your list.


In the next article, we are going to go a little bit deeper into the product analysis, and we will analyze your products and which one of them would be the best to sell. And so far even by doing this product idea research, you can start selling your products right now and make some money today without doing any additional researchers. We know so many people who choose their products and just start to sell them without any more

We know so many people who choose their products and just start to sell them without any more researchers. They usually can sense which products are going to be selling well and they just start. The next article will be for those who are really, really hesitant and don’t have any idea what their produt want to be.

So just start and write us about your results. We will be happy to hear from you.

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