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[PART 1] Your Millionaire Ecommerce Business Master Plan


Your Millionaire Ecommerce Business Master Plan – The Fastest Practical Guide To Start a Profitable Online Business That The Millionaires Are Hiding From You.

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The common thing in most of the people who come to us and want to build a profitable online business is that they fit into a certain number of categories. And probably right now you might relate to this.

The first category of people is the one who works their day job from 9 to 5, and they are just stuck there.  Which equals to no freedom, no control of how much income they want to earn, no control of where they are, where they work or where they want to go if they want to take some break off to travel and so on. This is the category where a lot of the people who want to start an online business come from.

The first category of people is the one who works their day job from 9 to 5


The next group of people is the one who is stuck or bored with their daily routine. And that might be stuck in a business they don’t like or stick or bored in a business that is not making enough sales. And probably that’s the situation you might be.
The next group of people is the one who is stuck or bored with their daily routine


And the next category of people is the one that is highly motivated, and they want the success too. Probably they have read some books like “4 Hours Work Week”, or have taken some courses, or they have seen the success happening with others, and they are just asking themselves “But just how do I do it too? How do I actually make it happen?”  and this is what this article is all about.

And the next category of people is the one that is highly motivated, and they want the success tooImage source – []


If you fit into one of those categories and you resonate with that, then you are in the right place. You probably have seen the success too from so many people who have online business and in this article we will share with you Your Millionaire Ecommerce Business Master Plan that will show you how to do it too, how to connect all the dots and how by taking your laptop and learning what to press you will actually make that happen.


But first, all let’s see what is going to change in your life when you start your online business and where this journey is going to bring you.

Ecommerce Business Plan


The first end goal that we strive by following this Millionaire Ecommerce Business Master Plan is FULL FREEDOM. And by saying “full freedom,” we mean freedom of time and place. Being able to wake up every day at a time you want and choose the place you want to work from – it could be US, Thailand, Europe and so on.

You will start to do the things that matter to you.  Yes, you will need to build an online business that sells great products – sure. But you might want to go and help some charity campaigns and help to the children in Africa – maybe that’s your thing you want to do.

But for this to happen you need some income first, and this Ecommerce Business Master Plan is the fastest track that will lead you there.

You will make a difference in your life. And if you want that difference to happen, taking control of your business is the way to happen. Your online business will be your fuel to make the difference and to make all the changes you want to make in your life.

Of course, it can’t happen just by talking about it and saying to your friends the thing you want to do by actually not taking the actions.


Here is the Millionaire Ecommerce Business Master Plan that every successful e-commerce business is using right now making their business up and running.
Ecommerce Business Plan


You get what you focus on life. What you put your intention on it grows and what you ignore disappears. If you put your intention on your business and financial life, that will grow. Even if the Millionaires use this E-commerce Business Maser Plan to take care for their financial life, if you don’t take actions and don’t focus on your Master Plan, your business will not grow. So make sure you take notes and be ready for action. – The Founder of CloudCart – Peter Iliev


The first thing that you want to pay attention is:

number-1 Why are you doing this business and How are you going to do it?
Why are you doing this business and How are you going to do it

Image source – []

What is your intention behind this business? We already discussed this at the beginning, but let’s go a little bit more practical. How specifically are you going to approach it? Are you going to start working after your job, or 1 hour at night before you go to bed?

Which is the particular time you will work on your business? Make sure that you have determined this particular time and follow it systematically if you want your business to grow.


number-2 Pick a market and Choose a Category
Pick a market and Choose a Category

Image source – []

The easiest way that you can do that is when you go to Amazon for different categories and see what are the top bestseller categories. Amazon is one of the best platform to see where e-commerce market moves.

Amazon will also shrink you a ton of work, research, and money and it will help you in seconds to choose a good market category.  You can also choose a category off Amazon and search in the market in your city what are the trends and what sells.

Let us show you how to find what is trending and how to choose a category:

First go to Google and type “Amazon best sellers”


Click on the first result, and you will see the best sellers’ item for varieties of categories.



For the sake of this example we will click on the “Beauty, Health & grocery” Category to check what is trending there.



You can go even deeper and precise into the sub-categories and choose a more targeted niche.

The more specific you are – the better. Using this method you now have access to all the bestsellers items in each category. That means that people already are taking out their wallets and buy those stuff.

You don’t need to test whether particular category will work or not, because you already know what sells and the only thing you need to work on know is to continue with the steps and make your Millionaire Ecommerce Business Plan.

number-3 Product Research
Pick a market and Choose a Category

Image source – []

Now this is a huge part-two step from the previous one. Make sure to pay attention to it, because this is a significant part of your business. Each of the other parts is affected by the product you are selling. Check what is the market demand in your category and make a competitive analysis.  Because Amazon is the greatest e-commerce market share, it will give you amazing sales data of the overall demand.

Take an intense look at the product and categories that you are considering and figure out which one is going to be the best to sell. Most importantly is when you choose a particular item to find out who else is selling it, how it is selling it, and for how much. Analyzing your competition will help you when you start to compete with them.

There is one great tool that Amazon provides you called ‘BSR’ or best sellers rank. This number is used to rank how well a product is selling compared to others in the category.
You can find it just below the ‘Product Details’ page:

So by now it should be really easy for you to choose a market category and product you want to sell.

Before we move into the next phase of your master plan consider those tools when you in this step 3 [product research]:

  • eBay – Here is the best website to find out whether your competitors are selling your product, for how much and what is the volume they have.

Finding the most profitable and bestselling items that will sell for sure is easier than ever! All you need to do is go to a website called

Essentially what this website has is that you can literally in seconds find out what is most popular on Ebay – and you can do this in seconds.


Instead of going to eBay and doing a long, time-consuming research (as almost 80% of the people do) you just type your keywords and WatchCount will should you all the top-best listings on eBay.

Another thing you can do is just to pick a category (on the left side ), and the website will show you a listing of all best selling items in that particular category.

And remember  – you will save a ton on time in researching and testing of what works and what people will buy because you already know these things and your job is just to start and sell them BETTER than your competitors.  In that way, you can get some potential idea of what to sell in your online business.

  • Ali Express – This is a great market place for product research with probably more specific categories than Amazon. Here you not only can do an amazing research, but also it’s a great place to source your product from (as you need this in step 4 from the masterplan).

Just go to the website and pick a category you decided for your nitche.



For the sake of this example we chose ‘Home & Garden Category”. What you will see then is that Ali Express will show you a bunch of sub-categories, and each of these sub-categories has its deeper sub-category. What that means is that you can go really deep into the niche specifics.

When you choose your category, from the ‘Sort by’ menu you need to select ‘Orders, ’ and the website will show you all the top best selling product that are already making money.



Choose the product that you want to sell, make sure it is trending, and people already are taking their wallets and buy it, and that’s it – you have finished THE HARDERS part in your master plan. Everything else is pretty straight forwards.

By now you already should know how to research the market demand and how to find a profitable product that will make you sales. We are sharing with you two more websites that you can check and use to do some research. Just use the same principles you already know, and you will be great.

  • Alibaba – This website is going to provide you with listing from overseas suppliers. In this phase of your master plan, use this site just to check prices. You will be using it more when it comes to the next step [4. Sourcing].
  • Etsy – Here you can also check out your competitors or find new product ideas.


number-4 Source or/and Design
Source or/and Design

Image source – []

Figure our from where are you going to buy your product. How much are you going to pay? How many units are you going to get? What are the labels going to be and what product images are you going to have.

Having reliable supplier is a really important element of your business, and it’s a key consideration in the process of product selection. And if you are a drop shipping this is a crucial step for you.

Consider those tools when you are in this step:

  • Alibaba – This is one of biggest product supplier. If you already know what is the product you are going to sell you can probably find it here much cheaper and source it.
  • Aliexpress – Here you can also search for and buy your product for a low price. And yes, you can take a LOT of units for really, really low price. If you can’t find the same product as yours, find some that are almost the same, with the same features and almost the same design.If you still haven’t found your product go to step 3 of the master plan and learn how to find profitable products.

number-5 Set up your seller account and get optimized product detail page
Set up your seller account and get optimized product detail page

Set up your seller account and get optimized product detail page – Set your account with the fastest FREE E-commerce platform o the internet. The platform is mobile responsive, and it’s following the top-best SEO standards which mean that your products will be easily found on the Internet.

The highly professional team is guiding you one-on-one on life chat to help you make your first sales. The practical resources you will find in the platform will help you to build your business plan. And as we mentioned – it’s FREE.


number-6 Set your social platforms and Brand Hub
Set your social platforms and Brand Hub

Image source – []

This important step not only because you will show that you don’t just have a naked brand, but also because you’re going to use the social networks to sell and market your product.


number-7 Marketing

Image source – []

After you launch your product the crucial step you want to take is to start to market your product trough Facebook, Google, and Email so you can go ahead and star making some sales. The cheapest way to start selling your best seller is Facebook. Facebook also allows you to target your auditory better.

If your bestseller product is something for babies, probably you would sell it to mommies or married couples. That’s why its really important to know your target well and to choose the right niche product. Facebook will allow you then to specifically target and market your product only for your auditory.


number-8 Create Blog Community
Create Blog Community

Image source – []

Probably you are wondering “Why do I need a blog?” The answer is that you don’t just want people to buy from you, you want people to refer you and stay in touch. Providing your niche with valuable and exciting information is the way to do it. You also want traffic to your site, and blogging provides you with free traffic.

Of course, it could be tempting just to want to choose a product and make direct sales. But if you just do this sooner or later you will start to neglect important reasons for customers to discover your business in the first place.

Having more valuable articles for your niche increase your SEO score and drives more traffic to your website it also means that your website is keeping updated. And your traffic is going to become bigger if the people start to share the information in your blog. Imagine how much sales you will make then.


 number-9 Find new products and double your sales
Find new products and double your sales

Image source – []

You can take advantage of the knowledge you already have and start selling some more products and double your sales. You can repeat this procedure as much as you want.


number-10 Automate your business
Automate your business

Image source – []

There are many Systems, Procedures, and Frameworks that you can do to automate your business and lessen the job you’re doing. There are a bunch of amazing free softwares that are designed to help you grow your business and do the job instead of you.

You can use chat bots, conversion funnels, email automation software and hire some content writers to write the articles instead of you. Doing this procedure will allow you to have more free time and do the things that you are passionate about.


number-11 [Optional] Sell your business
[Optional] Sell your business

After you make some money and you’re doing well, you may want to sell and get started a new business.  You already know the procedures that need to be taken to make the business up and running so maybe you would like to try a new one.

That’s the Millionaire Ecommerce Business Master Plan that the big giants use to grow their online business and sales right now. It’s about picking that good product, good category and then do the marketing.

That is what you should be focusing. Because those are the two areas that are going to determine your success and the rest of this is pretty straightforward.


We already have helped and seen thousands of people who have done it. We have already been trough this process thousands of times, and we know how hard sometimes it can be.

That’s why our team is here – as you have already seen, doing online business is a hell a lot of work and our team is here to help you save a lot of time and energy, show you the steps and help you build your business and make your first sales.


 With the free resources, you will find when stat your FREE e-commerce business you will save much time and energy for researching and it will be easier to make your first sales. The platform not only provides you with the fastest e-commerce service, but also it provides you with marketing and automation processes that will help you sell faster.

And if you have any questions about your master plan strategy you can always ask us and we will make sure that you have a quick and precise answer.


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