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CloudCart is at the Top 3 at the Best Business Tools 2019 ranking

CloudCart is at the Top 3 at the Best Business Tools 2019 ranking

To be honest, technical tools are becoming more and more important for the success of one’s online business. That is why choosing a platform is crucial when creating your online store. Customers have high expectations and the retailers should be ready to meet them. 

CloudCart is at the Top 3 at the Best Business Tools 2019 rankingFounded in 2016, CloudCart has one main goal – to be an innovative, multifunctional e-commerce platform meeting the highest standards.  We are proud to say that for the past 3 years, we have created a stable working system which is the perfect choice for hundreds of happy national and international merchants. We are constantly aware of the newest technological trends. Therefore, CloudCart is often one step ahead of the competition.  

Working with the worldwide famous data company Statista Inc., the medium giant Newsweek prepared an authority list of the Best Business Tools 2019. It is an honor for us to not only be part of the ranking, but actually be one of the Top 3 listed companies with 80.2 points in the “eCommerce Software” category, along with other famous names like Magento, Shopify и BigCommerce.

More about the research

The national survey is based on a list of the best business tools, which includes companies listed by more than 10,000 professional software users and software vendors. The ranking includes a total of 416 business software and services, divided into 54 categories. Each participant evaluated several providers of business software and software services, with a total of more than 71,000.CloudCart is at the Top 3 at the Best Business Tools 2019 ranking

The survey was conducted through an online access panel by young entrepreneurs from business schools in the United States, invited by Newsweek. The companies were classified into 54 categories based on participants’ knowledge of the businesses or the previous use of them. In each of these categories, the entrepreneurs selected a list of automated replenishment providers of software and software services collected through surveys from the relevant online registers. In addition, users are asked to indicate other providers that are not on the list.

The whole study examines the participant’s willingness to recommend a provider. The overall assessment is based on the collected from the software points  in the different categories: trust degree; service quality; reliability; security; improvement and satisfaction. An additional assessment of more than 1,500 Gen Z users (born in 1995 and later) was recorded.

For each provider, the score from 0 to 100 is calculated using the above criteria. In each category, only the providers with a score of 75 and higher are indicated; therefore, the number  varies. The highest rated providers among Gen Z users are marked as „Gen Z Favorite“.

CloudCart is at the Top 3 at the Best Business Tools 2019 rankingCloudCart is ranked 3rd place in the world, in the “E-commerce software”category. This significant recognition confirms the excellent functionalities and the convenient work with it. This is another motivation for us as a software developer to continue to improve the product according to the needs of our customers and the innovations of eco-commerce. Our vision is to be one of the world’s leading platforms and to help online entrepreneurs drive more sales.

For its 3rd year on the market, CloudCart moved to the so-called freemium model, which provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to make a store on the platform and use it for free until the first BGN 1,000 turnover is reached. We believe that in this way we provide a better chance for a successful business start-up. We continue to work for the sustainable and long-term development of our customer’s businesses.

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